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“I feel like I have failed Valencia,” Rusowsky laments on the finish of his live performance on the Moon room on the finish of October. “If he had done well, now he himself would be lying on that sofa and would have pulls all over his body,” he provides, sweating after performing beneath a ushanka (Russian hat with ear flaps) and an anorak.

“A chick in the front row has been crying almost from the beginning,” somebody swears backstage.

“Last time there were people flying through the air,” the singer insists, lighting the second cigarette in 5 minutes.

“Listen, Rus,” his brother lastly intervenes. supervisorManuel Jubera—, precisely what’s the paranoia?

Just a few hours earlier than going through that query, Ruslan Mediavilla (Madrid, 24 years outdated), artistically Rusowsky, had settled in first-class on a prepare leaving Chamartín. “Normally we make trips in the cafeteria, but today it is full,” says the singer, who, regardless of touring with a small group of three individuals, is among the musicians of the second. Member of the Russia Idk label, to which Ralphie Choo, Mori, Tristán and Drummie belong, he’s listened to by greater than 1,000,000 individuals in Spain and Latin America. He has collaborated with C. Tangana or Dellafuente and carried out at festivals comparable to Lollapalooza. Among his successes is So So, which has surpassed 20 million performs on Spotify. It has a minimalist and eclectic fashion, between bed room poptecno, hip hop o jazz.

He comes from a tour of Mexico the place he has added offered outs for nearly two weeks. “The public there is different, special,” she says. He solely complains that at some live shows the entrance row was reserved for VIPs. “Imagine being singing and there is a guy eating a dog in your fucking face. I even insulted someone.” On their earlier go to to Mexico they met Rasek (“Caesar in reverse,” particulars the musician). “It was security. An incredible guy who took us after the party to Tepito, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods.” There they handed by a maze of slim streets till they reached a speakeasy in a basement. “It was a movie place, full of drugs, weapons and people punching each other. We were sure because, from what we could see, Rasek was very respected.”

Since the cafeteria exhibits no indicators of emptying, he orders a sandwich and chips when the meals cart passes by. During the dialog he hardly seems to be at his cellphone and repeats lots move y swag. What about swag Nobody says that anymore, proper? “Of course, it’s so outdated and sounds so crappy that it can be used again,” he explains.

It’s a radiant day in Valencia. They search for a restaurant with out a lot time as a result of at 5 they’ve the sound verify. “Will there be a projector?” asks Rusowsky. “Half the show is me and half the visuals. Without a projector it will be zero epic.” They order a spherical of beers, the singer’s a little bit bigger than the remaining. Between programs, cigarettes. “Should I take the photos for you when I finish eating?” the photographer asks the artist. “With not having to pose, it’s like you’re taking a shit out of me,” he responds.

He supervisor He is the final one to hitch. He has simply been in Bilbao with Ralphie Choo. Rusowsky and this one are very shut buddies, a lot in order that they’ve been residing collectively for a yr and a half. It’s the 2 of them and Barry, one other considerably older musician. Each one makes use of his room as a music studio and goes at his personal tempo: “Ralphie gets up early, smokes 18 cigarettes and goes to work. “I’m lazier.”

On the way to Moon, he puts on his tooth covers. “To which there is a minimum of flexear (acting cool) I put them on.” Do you have got any pre-concert rituals? “Yes, smoke a lot of cigarettes and drink a lot of beer.” Upon coming into, the very first thing everybody notices is the projector. “The problem is that the screen takes up too much space,” they clarify. There can be no visuals. Everything else works. The sound verify lasts greater than an hour, and afterwards, keen to talk, he solutions all types of questions.

“The Rusowsky thing came about almost as a joke,” he confesses. “I did not prefer it at first, it appeared ridiculous to me. Now I’m rising keen on him.” Everyone calls him Rus, “because Ruslan sounds too loud.” His mother is Belarusian and she met his father on a tour he was doing in Europe with his group. folk. “They sent letters and my father started learning Russian, until now, he speaks almost better than her,” he says. Her mother became a music teacher, and she often took him to her classes. “They are my first memories. “I remember sitting there with my toys and listening.” She started playing the guitar and piano, and then she went to the conservatory. But it was difficult for him to get his parents to accept his vocation. “There have always been movements at home to see what happens. They had dedicated themselves to it and knew that it was not easy”.

At the concert, with a full capacity of 800 people, few people are over 25 years old. Rusowsky doesn’t take off anything he’s been wearing all day. On the contrary, it adds the ushanka and the anorak. “It’s cool for me to be very covered up,” he explains. Everything is ready to start. “Hey?” he says to the photographer, “what can I say in Valencian like that to encourage people?” He doesn’t think of it. Some of those present at the backstage proposes Go Valenciabut it is not convincing.

He jumps on stage and moves energetically. She greets the audience and makes them shout, but before ten seconds of the first song the music stops. “Can you turn me up to the limit so that this crowd can go deaf?” he shouts at the coach. The song starts again, and the singer insists that it doesn’t sound good. The problem is that the room has a volume limiter and it is already set to maximum. After two songs, he seems to forget the problem and gives it his all. The most emotional moment comes when he sits down at the keyboard and begins wow 🙂, where her voice sounds subtle and delicate, and leaves the audience in a state of contemplative attention. In the foreground is the girl who spent the entire concert crying.

When everyone has left, one of the managers enters the room. backstage and finds Rusowsky shirtless. “Excuse me,” he asks, “there are a lot of people outside waiting and I don’t think they’ll leave until you come out and say hello.” Rusowsky, somewhere between resigned and incredulous, gets dressed, covers himself with a hood and goes out to meet his fans. He returns with a new bracelet on his wrist and a more relaxed expression.

—Do you ever end concerts happy?

-What do you think? —he laughs manager.

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