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Tnonetheless not. The Constitutional Council has for the second time rejected the allocation of the A booklet to the protection business. This measure was to permit protection SMEs to profit from Livret A and Sustainable Development Livret (LDSS) funds, invested by banks.

The textual content had already been deemed inadmissible by the Wise Men this summer season throughout the examination of the LPM (Military Programming Law).

The concept got here up in discussions on the 2024 funds, earlier than being rejected in committee after which reinstated within the 2024 finance invoice for which Élisabeth Borne used 49.3. But the Constitutional Council dominated on Thursday that such a measure had no place within the 2024 funds.

A invoice was tabled in December

“It’s a technical opinion on the form, not on the substance,” believes Christophe Plassard, Horizons MP and fervent supporter of the measure. Same statement for Thomas Gassilloud, president of the Defense committee on the National Assembly for whom it’s “a formal decision on the place of the provision in the finance bill”. Because the Constitutional Council has not completely closed the door to the venture: “It is open to the legislator, if he deems it useful, to adopt such measures again. »

A sign of encouragement for the two deputies, recently signatories of a forum in The echoes to carry out the project. “There is a strong desire from Parliament and the government to support the rise of companies in our BITD (Defence Industrial and Technological Base)”, assures Thomas Gassilloud for whom the choice “does not prejudge its constitutionality in substance “.

The idea would be to integrate the measure into a bill or via an amendment. “There are several possibilities, the field is open,” explains Christophe Plassard. In this sense, a invoice was tabled by Senator Pascal Allizard in December.

Ultimately, if this venture is accredited, the 4,000 protection corporations in France may gain advantage from Livret A and LDSS funds invested by the banks. 60% is devoted to social housing and the remaining will be invested in different initiatives. “Not a single euro will be withdrawn from social housing,” assures Thomas Gassilloud. But, out of concern for his or her photographs, banking institutions are reluctant to spend money on armaments. “Some consider that it is a dirty sector”, estimates Cédric Perrin, senator signatory of the tribune of Echoes.

According to the Caisse des Dépôts, the excellent quantity of Livret A and LDSS reached 551 billion euros final September.