Vahina Giocante accuses Gérard Depardieu of getting sexually assaulted an additional | EUROtoday

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UA brand new testimony, that of Vahina Giocante, is added to the lengthy checklist of accusations towards Gérard Depardieu. Thursday, December 28, she accused the actor, in a put up shared on her Facebook account, of getting sexually assaulted an additional throughout filming.

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“I can no longer keep silent about having witnessed this same man like Dr Jekyll and Mister Hyde with his hand in the panties of an extra during a take,” writes the 42-year-old actress, with out specifying throughout which filming this assault would have taken place. She then describes “the face of this woman, red with shame, trying to tighten her legs to prevent Gérard’s big fingers from fiddling with her intimate parts, not being able to defend herself so as not to “spoil” the maintain.”

Vahina Giocante continues by explaining that “the only thing I could do was to go see the first assistant so that he could move this poor prey as far as possible from its predator”. She regrets not having been capable of do extra, as a result of, “like the majority of technicians or “lower-rankers”, it was higher to maintain quiet”!

“But today, the tide is turning,” she says fortunately, inviting her associates and colleagues to return “to reason and compassion.” “We are talking here about broken lives, and I am not talking about that of Gérard who took full advantage of it for far too long. I’m talking about these women in the shadows who, in addition to having been defiled, find no grace in your eyes! »

The responsibility of the cinema sector

If Vahina Giocante claims to have seen Gérard Depardieu “in his best day with Claude Chabrol”, she additionally claims to have seen him “be like a wild animal, without pity for those who tremble before him”. “I observed him, like so many others, abusing the weakest, making young women and the less young cry,” continues the actress, who, with out excusing her deviant conduct, criticizes the “small world of cinema” who has a accountability on this “silence”, this “complacency” and his “cowardice”. “No one, or very few, told him “stop”.”

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The signatories of the “above ground” discussion board

She additionally returned to the assist platform, signed by round sixty personalities from the world of tradition and revealed in Le Figaro. Vahina Giocante criticized these “above-ground, disconnected from this new world that is emerging” personalities. But she says she is reassured by seeing the common age of the signatories: “Young people are not fooled, they know that what they call “rudeness” or “wandering hands” are nothing apart from abuse of energy which has no place in a office or elsewhere if it’s not consented to.

After the publication of this column and the controversy that adopted, a number of signatories reversed their positions. Carole Bouquet, actress and ex-partner of Gérard Depardieu, clarified on her Instagram account that she didn’t assist the “ideas and values ​​associated with the journalist carrying this platform”. Actress Nadine Trintignant additionally introduced that she was withdrawing her assist, saying that she “did not know” by whom the article had been written. Gérard Darmon assured himself that he would distance himself, denouncing, regardless of every thing, an “unacceptable bashing”.

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