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The employers’ associations CEOE and Cepyme have determined to not be part of the settlement proposed by the Government to boost the minimal interprofessional wage (SMI) by 4% this yr. This resolution has been made, based on employer sources, after the assembly held this previous Monday with the Secretary of State for Employment, Joaquín Pérez Rey, by which the quantity two of the Ministry of Labor confirmed to the employers that the Government wouldn’t give in on the 2 employers’ requests to assist the rise within the SMI. In addition to this refusal by the Government, there’s the unrest generated within the enterprise ranks by the statements of Pérez Rey himself earlier than the aforementioned assembly, by which he warned businessmen that if they didn’t be part of the Labor proposal, the wage enhance The minimal could be better than 4%, one thing that was interpreted as a “threat and blackmail”, based on phrases repeated this Tuesday on a number of events by the president of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE), Antonio Garamendi.

Given this warning from the Secretary of State for Employment, enterprise organizations worry that the ultimate enhance within the minimal wage will even be larger than 5%, which was the minimal ground set by the unions to affix the pact. In reality, UGT raised its minimal declare to “between 5% and 7%”, removed from the three.5% that CEOE proposed, as Garamendi has acknowledged. In this fashion, the rise that’s lastly agreed might elevate the gathered enhance within the minimal wage within the final 5 years above 55%, which represents greater than tripling the advance of the overall CPI.

Precisely, this chance that the rise lastly determined by the Executive along with the unions is bigger than 5% has led Garamendi to marvel, throughout a lunch held on the Club Siglo XXI in Madrid this Tuesday, about what the Government’s standards is. to boost the minimal wage. “The pragmatism to which Pérez Rey appealed or rather the populism of saying: either you do what I say or I apply a corrective to you? “That is not social dialogue,” the president of the CEOE has complained. At this level, he has additionally regretted an added uncertainty because of the departure of Nadia Calviño from the Ministry of Economy, since, as he has instructed, she would have stopped an increase of greater than 4%.

No indexation, no bonuses

Specifically, the employers’ refusal is basically brought on by the truth that the Ministry of Finance isn’t going to index public contracts to the brand new enhance within the SMI – even supposing Labor was in favor of this measure, as acknowledged by this Tuesday Garamendi—, and since there may also be no bonuses in agricultural hiring because of the subsequent enhance within the minimal wage.

To this, the employer chief has added a 3rd situation: that the autonomous communities usually are not considered when making use of these will increase. In this sense, he has insisted that “it is not worth negotiating only the figure of what rises, but that we have to talk about the concept of minimum wage in general.” “All this is what has prevented CEOE and Cepyme from joining the agreement, and it has not been necessary to consult any management body of the employers’ associations, these conditions were already approved in the last Board of Directors,” sources from the organizations have insisted. enterprise.

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