Latest information on the federal government’s anti-crisis decrees, stay | Bolaños and Díaz warn of the danger that pensions and unemployment advantages run if the decrees don’t go forward | Spain | EUROtoday

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Díaz, to the deputies: “They decide whether whoever receives unemployment benefits receives 480 euros per month or 570”

The second vp of the Government and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, defended this morning the royal decree of measures on conciliation and unemployment safety that the Executive accepted final December and that immediately Congress will validate or reject. “Today you are going to decide whether whoever receives unemployment benefits receives 480 euros per month or 570 euros per month, almost 100 euros more per month. Today you are going to vote for or against whether or not a prospective farmer has the right to be protected when he loses his job. You are going to vote or not today against whether or not a worker has to wait a month to collect unemployment benefits. You have it in your hands to decide whether or not working people in our country have the right to a 28-day accumulated breastfeeding leave for which the women and fathers and mothers of this country have been fighting for so long. All of this depends solely and exclusively on them doing one thing: putting the interests of the country and the most humble people before interests that are very legitimate but have nothing to do with it,” Díaz stated.

The Labor Decree presents a number of subsidy and conciliation measures to facilitate the reconciliation of household life {and professional} life for fogeys and caregivers. Although the decree foresees that the unemployment profit will rise from 480 euros to 570 within the first six months and to 540 euros within the following six (and be suitable with the primary 150 days of labor), Podemos maintains that the reform of the unemployment profit Unemployment introduces cuts for these over 52 years of age, one thing that Labor denies.