UK’s carbon footprint has nearly halved within the final 25 years, figures present | UK | News | EUROtoday

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More than half of adults suppose the UK’s carbon footprint is worse than it was 25 years in the past – when, actually, it has almost halved. A ballot of two,000 adults discovered three in 10 consider no headway has been made in making the nation greener over the past quarter of a century – though 71 p.c are desperate to play a component by being extra sustainable.

Despite this, 35 p.c are frightened that what they do – be it recycling, utilizing public transport, or utilizing energy-efficient home equipment – isn’t making a lot distinction, if any.

A spokesman for EDF, which commissioned the analysis to mark its twenty fifth anniversary, mentioned: “Many of us remember the days of desktop computers and CRT TVs – but most of us don’t realise just how much progress has been made in reducing the nation’s carbon footprint since the late 1990s.

“In fact, this country has taken significant strides towards lower carbon living, and it’s striking to see just how much greener many of our daily activities are now than they were 25 years ago.

“Many consumers are taking steps in their daily lives to save cost and carbon, but there are clearly still big concerns over the progress we’re making as a nation.”

The power firm additionally in contrast the carbon depth of doing family duties in 1998, and their equal at present.

Figures had been calculated by trying on the power output of every merchandise, and multiplying it by the depth of the nationwide grid from the late 90s to now.

It discovered that in 1998, the carbon depth of cooking a meal on an induction hob was 341 g/kWh, whereas it’s only 120 g/kWh at present.

Running a fridge-freezer for an hour would have racked up a carbon depth of 938 g/kWh 25 years in the past, however at present it will be simply 183 g/kWh. And engaged on a laptop computer has dropped from 211 g/kWh, to only 34 g/kWh.

The examine, carried out through OnePoll, discovered greater than half (55 p.c) mentioned it is extremely necessary to them that any new equipment or product of their house is power environment friendly.

But regardless of the progress in adopting zero-carbon electrical energy technology sources, comparable to wind, photo voltaic, and nuclear energy, just one in 10 folks consider this has made a serious contribution to lowering the nation’s carbon footprint over the previous 25 years – with six p.c considering it has made no contribution in any respect.

EDF’s spokesman added: “Whilst 90s nostalgia may be trending, none of us want to see higher carbon outputs make a comeback.

“As Britain’s biggest generator of zero-carbon electricity, we’re committed to continuing to invest in methods such as wind, solar, and nuclear, to help the nation reach net zero by 2050.”