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As a youngster, María Goiricelaya stored quarter-hour of silence behind a banner in response to the calls that Gesto por la Paz made within the Basque Country to point out her rejection of every loss of life resulting from violence. She did it in her faculty yard throughout recess. Today, this playwright and director from Bilbao, who created the unbiased firm La Dramática Errante with actress Ane Pikaza, remembers these moments as she prepares to current her work subsequent week on the Teatro de la Abadía in Madrid. Alsace, a documentary theater present concerning the violence that ETA carried out for therefore a few years within the Basque Country. And for this he selected what occurred on October 15, 2016 on the doorways of the Koxka bar within the city of Alsasua (Navarra), a violent altercation wherein a number of residents of the city have been concerned with two Civil Guard brokers and their {couples}. “You can’t leave the past behind. It is necessary to assume it in the theater to be able to empathize. “No one has a monopoly on pain,” says the 41-year-old director, who gained the Max 2023 award for greatest theatrical adaptation for Barrenby Federico García Lorca.

Alsace It premiered in 2021 and since then it has carried out 70 performances all through Spain and in addition overseas (Montevideo, Medellín and Bogotá). When it handed by means of Vitoria, in November 2021, the PP municipal group within the City Council of that metropolis, ruled by the PNV, tried to have the work cancelled, one thing it didn’t obtain. Two seasons later, historical past repeats itself in Madrid, though on this event the one who has requested its withdrawal from the Abbey’s programming (whose principal financier is the Community of Madrid) has been Vox. In December, the get together offered two inquiries to the Culture Commission and to the plenary session of the Community of Madrid, ruled by the PP of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, to point out its rejection of the illustration of the work within the Abbey as a result of, within the opinion of the deputy Ana Velasco Vidal-Abarca, “justifies the attacks and aggressions suffered by the civil guards and their partners and that it is pure nationalist indoctrination.” Vox even requested that the subsidy to the Abbey be withdrawn. Paradoxically, now it has been the PP that has rejected the modification: the Madrid Government “will always be on the side of the victims”, however “also always on the side of freedom of expression, creative freedom and the freedom of the public to choose what you want to go see,” mentioned the Minister of Culture, Mariano de Paco.

“Freedom of expression is an unbreakable line in democracy. Any act of censorship is not part of the democratic process. Opening the door to censorship is opening the door to a direct attack against people’s rights and freedoms,” says Goiricelaya. Alsace was born throughout the Cicatrizar challenge, a global proposal for dramaturgical creation directed by José Sanchis Sinisterra and Carlos José Reyes with the goal of selling information and reflection on the latest previous and selling the values ​​of the correct to reminiscence. Goiricelaya’s alternative of the occasions in Alsasua was resulting from the truth that at the moment the Alsasua case was in full judicial swing, with demonstrations and varied acts by residents, politicians and establishments. “It was very present then in Basque society. “It was an open scar,” says the director, who primarily focuses the operate on the judicial technique of the case. “It is very rich material when it comes to proposing a drama that was fast, forceful, rhythmic and had tension and emotion. It is a case very susceptible to taking to the theater to generate reflection and generate encounter or disagreement,” she provides.

The performers of the play 'Altsasu'.
The performers of the play ‘Altsasu’.Cloud Torres

Alsace, which will probably be carried out on the Abbey from January 18 to twenty-eight, takes place in a single open area and 6 benches that configure the totally different locations on the stage. Performed by Nagore González, Egoitz Sánchez, Aitor Borobia and Ane Pikaza, who embody greater than 30 characters, the work combines actual transcriptions of the judicial course of with fictional dialogues concerning the private relationships of the protagonists. The actors play each victims and aggressors, protection attorneys or prosecutors or judges, moms of one another, embodying individuals with totally different and really contradictory ideologies. “I think it is a challenge for the public. When the attacked becomes the aggressor, it is a way of putting oneself in the other’s shoes,” explains Goiricelaya, who, along with being the creator of the textual content, additionally directs the present.

The playwright needs to assume that Basque society is just not sleepwalking now, however that it was previously. “It is a society of imposed silences. I recognize myself there, in circles where speaking or expressing your ideology was dangerous. I myself don’t know who my father or mother votes for, nor what my closest friends vote for. We have overcome something, but it is clear that we are dragging a kind of queue where we still have not finished sitting down, looking each other in the eyes and talking about our pain,” he explains in a room at the Abbey, after an event on memory and justice with the sociologist Basque Imanol Zubero.

A moment from the work 'Altasasu'.
A moment from the work ‘Altasasu’.Cloud Torres

“Forgetting can never heal wounds. Human memory is selective and we need to forget some pains in order to survive. There are things that I don’t want to forget because they are part of my past and they will shape my future. If we do not know where we come from we will not know where we want to go. I am in favor of not forgetting. Everything I have experienced in my adolescence, how the bombs sound, almost imperceptible details that are recorded in my memory. I personally don’t feel like moving forward forgetting some things. I have probably forgotten some things, but there are others that I want to remember because they define who I am,” says the director, for whom theater is an area the place we will heal and alleviate open wounds. “I live in utopia, I am an optimistic person, but I hope this show serves to heal wounds and we never again have to live things we experienced, so that we take charge of our past so as not to repeat what happened. We invite the viewer to get rid of certainties and empathize with the person in front of us.”

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