Feijo denounces that the PSOE and Junts pact “turns the Mossos into a National Police” and publicizes a mobilization on the twenty eighth | EUROtoday

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The president of the PP guarantees a “no quarter political, social and judicial offensive” towards the agreements of Sánchez and Puigdemont’s occasion, which can take the Constitutional Court

Feijo requires an illustration on the twenty eighth and assures that his offensive shall be “without quarter and without rest”Photo: ANTONIO HEREDIA | Video: THE WORLD
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“The bad days for our country have only just begun.” Alberto Nez Feijo makes a really gloomy prognosis of the agreements of the Government with Junts, as a result of he believes they’re simply the tip of the iceberg. That is why the president of the PP introduced this Thursday a “all-out political, social and judicial offensive, by his entire party” in unison.

The PP will current appeals to the Constitutional Court, demand the looks in Congress of Pedro Sánchez, provoke votes in all parliaments and municipal plenary periods of Espaacalls for a Conference of Presidents and requires a mobilization on the twenty eighth in Madrid.

This was introduced by Feijo at a press convention in Genoa. “The worst thing is to have realized that we are only witnessing the beginning of what is to come, and what is most worrying is that Sánchez is the delegate. The one who really presides is Puigdemont, who swore to destabilize the nation,” he added.

For the opposition chief, “we are facing a humiliated and defeated Government. Defeated because it has not issued a royal decree (that of the unemployment benefit reform) and humiliated because those it has issued have been removed with extortion.”

For Feijo, “the transfers known yesterday are extremely serious.” “The complete transfer of immigration powers is a full-fledged constitutional capitulation, and will generate a conflict of jurisdiction between autonomous communities and security forces,” he mentioned.

For Feijo, this reform “turns the Mossos into a National Police.” Why? “Because they are going to participate in border control and will have access to all international databases, and it implies the disappearance of the last National Police stations in Catalonia, which now only had Foreigners and Immigration.”

“It is inappropriate UE“, he careworn. “Will there be 17 immigration systems in Spain?” he requested, as a result of in his opinion the settlement “creates fictitious borders to divide the Spaniards.”

“No majority has voted for this, and I want to tell the majority not to worry,” he inspired, with a view to the long run, earlier than emphasizing that the PP will reverse all these measures that “aim to liquidate the Rule of law“Today, greater than ever, we signify the social majority of Spaniards,” he concluded.