“I have been a submissive, social, romantic person. Writing an album like ‘Puta’ has been the most rebellious thing I have ever done” | Stay True Records | EUROtoday

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María Zahara Gordillo (Úbeda, Jaén, 40 years outdated) was prepared for a barrage of criticism when her album got here out Get out (2021). His psychologist had helped him stop it. What caught out to her was what got here subsequent, as she confesses to Joe Pérez-Orive, host of Ballantine’s Stay True Records, a mission that reveals essentially the most genuine facet of essentially the most notable musicians. “I prepared for the release of the album but, six months later, when that far-right political party was offended by the cover, it caught me by surprise. “I was already relaxed.” In her picture she appeared dressed with a halo that gave her the air of a saint, and with a band on which she mentioned “Puta”. “There was another idea; “Nobody was talking about the fact that I released an album that denounces sexist violence,” she complains.

During the discuss, Zahara explains how she confronted these onerous instances and acknowledges that this album was her best act of revolt: “I have been a submissive, social, personal, romantic person, and the most rebellious thing I have done is write an album like Get out”. An instance of an unbiased artist, he confesses that his first encounter with the foremost file firms choked him up. In addition, he remembers his childhood, the good inspiration of residing together with his grandparents and having a musician father. At the tip of the interview, Ballantine’s Stay True Records collaborator Mary Ruiz joins us, who evaluations different protesting artists: Madonna, Miley Cyrus or Nirvana. “We live in complicated times due to public reporting,” Zahara acknowledges.


The most genuine moments from the interview with Zahara

And subsequent Thursday, January 18, the visitor of Ballantine’s Stay True Records would be the singer-songwriter Xoel López. Rapper Sara Socas will be a part of the discuss.