Penny Mordaunt mocks SNP over ‘quest for total incompetence’ in Commons takedown | Politics | News | EUROtoday

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Penny Mordaunt mocked the SNP over a fraction of the Stone of Destiny discovered on the celebration’s headquarters.

Recently launched Scottish Government paperwork revealed that Alex Salmond was given a chip mentioned to come back from the historic artefact, also referred to as the Stone of Scone, in 2008.

The former Scottish first minister then mentioned he now not had the piece sparking questions over its whereabouts, nevertheless it has since been confirmed to be in a cabinet on the SNP’s HQ.

The Commons chief ridiculed her SNP counterpart Deidre Brock over the stone at enterprise questions this morning.

Speaking within the Commons, Ms Mordaunt mentioned: “I’m delighted that part of the Stone of Destiny has been now recovered from SNP HQ.

“I’m certain it is a nice reduction to all members. It is simple to lose issues, I do know, like a few billion quid out of your price range.

“But I’m sorry to hear they have taken as much care of it as they have as the stewards of Scotland’s public services.

“Happily the tupperare container it was saved in has protected it throughout its keep and the police raids on that premises.

“I would join with my Scottish colleagues in encouraging the SNP to find a more suitable home for it.”

Sharing a clip of the Commons second on social media platform X, Ms Mordaunt added: “In their quest for total incompetence, the SNP leaves no stone unturned.”

The Stone of Destiny was utilized in ceremonies to crown Scottish monarchs till it was taken to Westminster Abbey in London as battle loot by King Edward I.

A gaggle of independence-supporting college students eliminated the 152kg stone in 1950, with the fragment mentioned to have been created then.

It has been housed at Edinburgh Castle since 1996, however is because of be moved to Perth Museum later this 12 months.

The Tories have known as for the chip given to Mr Salmond to be placed on show alongside the remainder of the stone.

The SNP insisted its provenance has not been fully established however that it has been held securely and by no means thought-about misplaced.