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” Lhe market is completely biased, we have been shot in the foot for years,” sighs Patrick Aboukrat, president of the Parisian chamber of the National Clothing Federation (FNH), a union which brings together 25,000 small clothing sales businesses.

For this first day of the winter sales, which begin in polar cold and last until February 6, this disillusioned merchant did not even go to the store. “You just have to look: there is no one on the streets in Paris at the moment, even though it is zero and we should see people throwing themselves on their coats,” he emphasizes. But I expected it. Before, I hired part-timers for the sales, there could be up to six employees in the store, now, I don’t even take an extra hour. It’s been ten to fifteen years since the sales stopped working and I don’t see how we could go back. » READ ALSO “A new wardrobe per month”: clothing rental in full development

Consumers “stuffed with promotions”

If inflation plays its role, the man especially points to the proliferation of Black Fridays and others Special Days outside sales periods. These successive waves of promotions also impact the purchasing power of consumers and mainly benefit large brands which, unlike small retailers, can afford these incessant discounts, even if more and more are filing for bankruptcy.

“The big brands are sawing off the branch on which we are all sitting,” denounces the independent retailer. I’ve been warning everyone for fifteen years. By stuffing a child with cakes, he is no longer hungry. It’s the same with the consumer, he is fed promotions which distort the value of the products. And this, while many promotions are biased, with false crossed out prices… For the future of the profession as for ecology, it is better to buy a little less and better, than to sell off everything and overstock. »

60% of French folks would contemplate giving up the winter gross sales this 12 months or devoting a smaller finances to them, in accordance with an Ifop survey for the Spartoo platform.

Shift gross sales to the tip of January or delete them

Faced with the danger of chapter for unbiased retailers, Patrick Aboukrat recommends suspending winter gross sales to the tip of January, to be able to transfer them away from Black Friday and prolong the lifespan of winter collections.

“For five years, the seasons have become shorter and the off-seasons have taken up more space,” he observes. Winter is proscribed to the November-January interval. It’s brief. Shifting the gross sales to the tip of January, and even the start of February, would make the collections final slightly longer and permit buying energy to rebuild. »

The National Commerce Council (CNC), created by Minister for Commerce Olivia Grégoire, is engaged on the problem. The physique met twice as regards to gross sales in 2023. On the desk, the shift of gross sales dates, the regulation of different forms of promotions, the creation of every week of gross sales on the finish of every of the 4 seasons, and even their outright elimination.

According to the FNH, the style sector (commerce and business) represents 150 billion euros in turnover per 12 months, 580,000 jobs and brings in 36 billion VAT to the State.