An awesome-grandson of Stalin calls the Russian army marketing campaign in Ukraine “illegal” | EUROtoday

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“For the Armed Forces to participate in this war, they must be sent to the battlefield by state bodies,” says Ykov Dzhugashvili.

Funeral for the poet killed in combat Maksym Kryvtso.
Funeral for the poet killed in fight Maksym Kryvtso.Oleg PetrasyukEFE

The Russian Ykov Dzhugashviligreat-grandson of Stalin, has warned that the russian army marketing campaign In Ukraine it’s unlawful, because the authorities didn’t seek the advice of the folks when sending troops to the neighboring nation.

“For the Armed Forces to participate in this war, they must be sent to the battlefield by the state bodies of Russia following instructions and on behalf of the Russian people,” mentioned the descendant of the Soviet dictator.

He recalled that neither the Duma nor the Senate, the 2 chambers of the Russian Parliament, issued “a single law or legal provision that referred to the war, Ukraine or the special military operation.”

Dzhugashvili, who has the identical first and final identify as Stalin’s eldest son, pressured that it issues little that “a person playing (President Vladimir) Putin announced on television” the start of the particular army operation (SVO) on December 24. February 2022.

“On the President’s website there is no document about the beginning of the SVO. In this way, the Russian people did not send the Armed Forces to war in Ukraine either directly or through their state powers,” he famous.

In his opinion, “in this way the officials they want to avoid everything that can associate them with the special military operation.” “Why? I only have one answer. “They wish to keep away from duty below article 353 of the penal code (planning, making ready, unleashing or waging a battle of aggression)”, he asserted.

Stalin’s great-grandson, who is currently in Moscow, highlighted that said article carries penalties of up to 20 years in prison. He also recalled, in reference to the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, that on March 1, 2014 the Russian Senate He had no qualms about specifying where and why he was sending the troops.

“And within the doc of February 22, 2022 (the Senate) didn’t dare. Why? Because in 2014 Russia’s actions had been authorized and in 2022, not anymore,” he insisted. Furthermore, he accused Western politicians and media, interested in Russia’s defeat in the war, of hiding the fact that the Russian people did not authorize their army to military intervention in Ukraine.

“They conceal this from the Russian folks and the world simply in order that this fratricidal battle is extended so long as attainablee”, he stated. As for his great-grandfather, he assured that the authorities use the name of Stalin, the Soviet Union and the Great Patriotic War (1941-45), the Soviet episode of the Second World War, for propaganda purposes.

According to Dzhugashvili, the goal is “to persuade the Russian those that the particular army operation in Ukraine is as simply because the Great Patriotic War.”