Page fees in opposition to the Government’s pact with Junts: “If Vox asked for it we would tear our clothes… And if it were for Puigdemont, I would be a foreigner” | EUROtoday

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The president of Castilla-La Mancha regrets the “marketing” that Moncloa has launched in its negotiations to stay in energy

Page fees in opposition to the Government’s pact with Junts: “If Vox asked for it we would tear our clothes…”
  • Government Montero: “Everything we have agreed for Catalua can be replicated for the rest of the communities”
  • Government-Junts Pact Together shows xenophobic profile after getting Snchez to handle immigration in Catalua

The normally harsh tone of Emiliano García-Page in the direction of the central authorities has taken a larger leap this Friday, after the PSOE pact with Junts that entails the delegation of immigration powers. The president of Castilla-La Mancha has launched: “If the powers were requested by Vox, everyone would tear their clothes, but they ask for them [Carles] Puigdemont for the same thing… And that has nothing progressive, that is exactly reactionary.”

The socialist baron, who spoke earlier than the media throughout an occasion in Marchamalo (Guadalajara)has gone as far as to say that the previous president of the Generalitat who fled from Justice “works with the idea that all of us who are here [por los espaoles] Let’s be emigrants.” The conclusion has been devastating: “If it were Puigdemont, I would be a foreigner.” For this purpose, he says, “it would be the only competition that I would not put in his hands” and he has confused that he’s involved in regards to the “marketing” that has launched Moncloa in its negotiations to stay in energy.

The Castilla-La Mancha chief has thus addressed the Sánchez Government: “I would like you to take advantage of the Quintos de Mora [donde se rene el presidente con sus ministros este fin de semana] to think where this labyrinth leads. And whether or not there is a way out. “And whether or not or not it’s admissible that the Catalan independentists, who’re in any other case supremacists, if not xenophobic, suggest that the Government govern with a straitjacket.”

About this immigration delegation, which the Government seeks to relativize, is limiting its reach or offering it to the rest of communities -el Basque Country He already claimed it this Thursday for himself, Page is clear that “it’s not constitutional”, since it affects an issue of “sovereignty” such as immigration and borders.

Page, who spoke to the media upon his arrival at the event – “Spain is in a labyrinth with no exit”, he summarized -, has insisted on his message already behind the lectern of the Junta de Castilla-La Mancha, in his institutional speech . He said: “A journalist requested me once I arrived if I’m going to ask for the powers. And the query is affordable. But how can I be calm as a Spaniard in that somebody like Puigdemont controls immigration. No state can resign border competitors below any circumstances. You cannot play with this, you may’t market issues with meals.” That’s why he has asked for this policy of transfers to “finish,” arguing: “In the tip, all this interprets into sure, we can have cash to proceed.” making schools”.

His speech has highlighted his function as nice opposition to Pedro Sánchez, from the very essence, with references to probably the most private. “I was born Spanish to be the same as if I had been born in La Corua or Jerez de la Frontera. It is quite serious that my children or my grandchildren could have a different status than their father in their own country. Because of the words and the commitments then there are always consequences. The independentists take pieces of the State to build their own State… There are things you can’t swallow“. In his farewell he summarized: “May politics and partisan interest not put an end to the opportunities that Spain has as a country. Let us not make him go through an impossible gorge. This is impossible”.

Justification in Moncloa

This morning, the primary vp, María Jesús Montero, tried to justify the most recent concessions to the Catalan separatists by explaining that every one the agreements will produce advantages for the nation as an entire and, due to this fact, “will not generate new grievances.” The variety of Moncloa thus stands as much as the criticism acquired for the settlement reached in extremis with Junts, guaranteeing that each the belief of the debt and the switch of powers are throughout the attain of the remainder of the autonomous communities.

For his half, the Minister of Justice, Flix Bolaos, has argued that “democratic agreements are not only good, but healthy, especially when they respond to what the people voted for.” 23-Jwhich was a really plural Parliament.” Regarding the transfer of immigration powers to Catalonia demanded by Junts, he has limited himself to insisting that now we must “work” on the organic law to “be capable of delegate” without going into the detail of the scope.

Response from Scar Puente

The one who has responded to Page within the Government has been the head of the Transport portfolio, Oscar Puente, who in an interview in La Sexta reminded him that “he has the channels” within the PSOE to “categorical his opinion freely.” He has also warned him that, “when occupied with immigration coverage, going immediately to frame coverage is ignoring the breadth” of the powers that a country has.

“Borders will not be all the things in immigration issues and, in all probability, that can not be transferred. We are speaking about different issues, about how immigrants are handled, how they’re distributed, how they’re housed, what providers are offered to them.” provides… Thinking about borders, honestly, is out of place,” he added.