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Three weeks earlier than the beginning of the electoral marketing campaign in Galicia, Sumar raises the confrontation with the Xunta led by the favored Alfonso Rueda. Its high chief, Yolanda Díaz, landed locally this Friday to develop into the primary member of the central authorities to go to one of many seashores affected by the dumping of microplastics and thus coming into into hand-to-hand fight with the regional president. “It doesn’t matter if we talk about the oil spill of the Prestige or the white tide of the pellets“The behavior of the Xunta de Galicia is always the same: lie, lie and lie,” accused the second vice president of the Government, also raising the specter of the environmental disaster caused more than 21 years ago by the fuel spill from the oil tanker sunk in front of to the Costa da Morte. Although the quarrel over the distribution of responsibilities between the Xunta and the central Executive has been fueling the controversy of a crisis that is not only environmental but also political for days, Sumar has taken a step further this Friday by putting its leader in the spotlight, who He made his pre-campaign debut with an event in Vigo alongside his party’s candidate, Marta Lois, and the deputy and leader of Más País, Íñigo Errejón.

Just two days after the Xunta rectified by activating alert level 2, which allows the intervention of the coalition Executive to provide help, the vice president has also charged against the autonomous Government by exposing the lack of information from the Galician authorities. “The Xunta had to be explaining what is happening, what risks we face, the levels of contamination and what can happen to public health in food consumption. What they should do is put the necessary means at the disposal of the town councils to undertake the cleaning of all the beaches,” she acknowledged from a sandy space in A Pobra do Caramiñal (A Coruña), the place personnel from the corporate Tracsa did take away the pellets. She “he found out that the vice president of the Government was here and hired staff. This is what the PP does. We are going to have to visit all the beaches in Galicia so that the Xunta finally does what it has to do,” Díaz paradoxically stated.

“We have a lot of memory with what happened with him. Prestige. Galician civil society is always ahead of this incompetent Government of the Popular Party,” said Marta Lois, who thanked the volunteers for their work. “Today we want to denounce the lack of diligence, incompetence, and the lies and manipulation of Mr. Rueda and the PP,” added the candidate, till now Sumar’s parliamentary spokesperson in Congress.

Although the leftist formation acknowledges that the disaster of the pellets just isn’t corresponding to that of the chapapote discharge of the Prestige, some voices on this political area do consider that each the PP and its political response when managing the disaster are comparable. In any case, they emphasize in Sumar, a marketing campaign that for the favored ones initially appeared to be a course of – and wherein, based on the polls, Rueda begins as a favourite -, could find yourself turning to the best. Errejón elaborated on this concept in the course of the occasion held in Vigo. “The white tide is not like the black tide, we should not exaggerate, but the PP is the same. The one who hides information, who lies to his citizens, who colonizes the public media to use them as a means of propaganda. The PP that markets aid (…) When there is a party that has lost respect for the citizens it governs, we must say to that party, “go pack your bags, we need a Government at the service of the Galicians and of the Galicians”, he proclaimed.

The vp, who is anticipated to be extremely concerned within the marketing campaign and who arrived in Galicia this Friday with the pact with the unions to boost the minimal wage to five% (1,134 euros) below her arm, is enjoying in these elections for the debut of their challenge in regional elections. And she does it, first, in a posh context, with all of the forces in its area in an extra-parliamentary scenario and after the grassroots of Podemos have determined to run with a candidacy unbiased of that of Díaz. At the rally he appealed to the spirit of the 23-J common elections to remove the PP’s absolute majority and referred to as on Galician staff, pensioners, college students and girls to vote. “If you mobilize as you did on July 23, Rueda falls,” he famous after warning that though residents vote generally and municipal elections, they don’t achieve this in regional elections “because they think it is not possible to remove the Popular Party.”

The Xunta holds the Government accountable

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The environmental disaster has erupted within the final two weeks, however the authentic incident dates again to early December. On the eighth of final month, in Portuguese waters, the service provider ship Tocanao, of Liberian flag and German shipowner, suffered the lack of six containers that had been a part of its cargo, one in every of which contained pellets plastics. The spill has affected the northern coasts of Spain, together with Asturias and Cantabria, which have additionally activated alert degree 2 and the reproach between central and regional authorities authorities has been occurring for days.

Precisely this coming, the second vice-president of the Xunta and counselor of the Environment, Ángeles Vázquez, who has as soon as once more blamed the Government for the tide of pellets and has insisted that microplastics be collected within the sea, throughout the competence of the central Executive, although just a few days in the past, in a letter addressed to the mayors, the regional Government assured that “due to its characteristics” it was not doable removing of waste at sea. “Quick motion on the eighth might forestall the pellets attain our seashores or at the very least cut back the amount,” said Vázquez, who has also indicated that 90% of the bags of this material are still in the sea, reports Efe. Regarding the device launched by the Xunta, the person in charge has reported that there are about 300 people working on 55 beaches in 32 municipalities between Nigrán (Pontevedra) and Ribadeo (Lugo) and has announced that she is going to establish a committee of experts to monitor the long-term effects of the spill, although it has reiterated that “there is no ecotoxicity problem,” the agency adds. The Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Óscar Puente, who has been confronting the Xunta over this matter for days, accused Galician Television of “manipulation” this Friday. In an interview in La Sexta, he has also defended that his department has acted “at all times scrupulously following the technical prescriptions on the matter.”

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