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Aerial footage exhibits second RAF Typhoon strikes Yemen navy goal

A contemporary missile assault on a Red Sea ship has been reported after Houthi rebels warned that British pursuits have been “legitimate targets” following the RAF and the US unleashing airstrikes in Yemen.

The in a single day bombardment by US and UK warplanes, ships and submarines was launched in response to weeks of drone and missile assaults on industrial ships within the important Red Sea.

The Houthis vowed fierce retaliation. Military spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Saree stated the strikes would “not go unanswered or unpunished”.

And on Friday night, the UK Maritime Trade Operations, which oversees Middle East waters, reported a brand new missile assault off Yemen.

It stated the missile was fired in direction of a ship 90 miles southeast of Aden, Yemen, however the ship reported no accidents or harm.

A British maritime safety agency stated the militants had mistakenly focused a tanker carrying Russian oil.

Rishi Sunak warned that Houthi assaults threatened the financial system.

The prime minister and international secretary David Cameron didn’t rule out additional strikes towards the Houthis.


Militants ‘mistakenly hit Russian oil tanker off Yemen’

Houthi militants mistakenly focused a tanker carrying Russian oil in a missile assault on Friday night off Yemen, a British maritime safety agency has stated.

The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) organisation stated it had acquired a report of a missile being fired 90 nautical miles southeast of Yemen’s port metropolis of Aden.

“The master reported a missile landing in the water 400-500 metres away, and being followed by three small craft,” the UKMTO advisory be aware stated, including that there have been no accidents or harm.

Maritime safety specialists Ambrey stated: “This was the second tanker mistakenly targeted by the Houthis whilst carrying Russian oil.”

Yemen’s Iranian-backed Houthi militants, who management a lot of Yemen, have launched wave after wave of exploding drones and missiles at Western industrial vessels within the Red Sea since mid-November.

Jane Dalton12 January 2024 18:03


Editorial: Military intervention in Yemen is justifiable – for now

There ought to be no query in regards to the sound authorized foundation for what the US and UK did, with minimal casualties. But this newest battle can’t be allowed to develop a momentum of its personal:

Military intervention in Yemen is justifiable – for now

The West’s motion towards the Houthi rebels could assist put paid to the Iran-backed militia’s proxy struggle. But wider peace within the Middle East can’t be reached by means of the slender straits on the mouth of Red Sea however, moderately, by a fast de-escalation of the battle in Gaza

Jane Dalton12 January 2024 22:30


War with Iran not inevitable, says UK ex-security adviser

Peter Ricketts, former authorities nationwide safety adviser, has stated he doesn’t suppose the UK and US strikes will escalate right into a regional struggle with Iran.

Lord Ricketts informed the BBC that the allies had calculated that motion might be restricted to coping with the Houthis.

He added: “I don’t believe that Iran is looking to get involved in this. I think it suits Iran fine to have their proxies doing this to show that they are leading in the anti-Israel, anti-West stakes as far as the Muslim world is concerned.”

But Lord Ricketts warned that biggest threat of spillover is “extremist pro-Iranian groups in Iraq and in Syria who may well launch attacks on US bases there”.

Jane Dalton12 January 2024 22:00


Defence chiefs imagine they could have stopped Houthis repeating assaults

The Pentagon seems cautiously optimistic that Iran-backed Houthis shall be unable to duplicate the kind of complicated assaults they not too long ago carried out within the Red Sea.

US Lieutenant General Douglas Sims, director of the Joint Staff, stated 28 areas had been hit, utilizing greater than 150 munitions.

“I know we have degraded (their) capability,” Sims stated.

“I don’t believe that they would be able to execute the same way they did the other day. But we will see,” he added.

Jane Dalton12 January 2024 21:51


UK could must strike once more, says former Navy chief

Lord West, the previous Royal Navy chief, backed the navy motion – however stated Mr Sunak should be ready to strike once more if vital.

The peer informed The Independent: “What do we do if they [the Houthis] do the next attacks? Do we up the ante? That’s the next difficult decision. If they keep acting innocent merchant ships and our warships, then I think we will have to do something.”

Lord West, chief of UK naval employees from 2002 to 2006, performed down the probabilities of a wider escalation with Iran.

“One of the reasons the Iranians boarded that oil tanker off Oman was because we had done nothing to the Houthis,” he stated.

“I think the strikes will make Iran think, ‘Oh hang on – they do take it seriously’.

“I don’t believe it will escalate,” he added. “Opinion in the Arab street might be unfavourable. But there are terrorist groups who spend their time trying to kill us anyway, so it won’t change the threat picture that much.”

Jane Dalton12 January 2024 21:30


Analysis: Why Britain and US are attacking Houthis

The Houthis are a part of what Tehran labels an “axis of resistance” – which incorporates Hamas and Hezbollah from Lebanon – towards Israel, the US and the broader West. All it’s worthwhile to find out about what’s taking place and why:

Jane Dalton12 January 2024 21:00


Iran should really feel stress, says former UK Army chief

Former British Army chief Richard Dannatt backed Rishi Sunak’s “necessary” motion towards the Houthis, and stated stress ought to be placed on Iran.

“If it wants to prevent escalation into the Red Sea, it’s up to Iran to rein back the Houthis,” he informed the BBC.

Lord Dannatt stated the UN Security Council’s everlasting members – together with China, France and Russia – had a accountability to “take action to protect world interests”, including: “The fragility of world chain supplies are being exposed in the Red Sea.”

Jane Dalton12 January 2024 20:30


Strikes may enhance hostility to UK, warns ex-Middle East minister

Former Tory Middle East minister Alistair Burt has steered that some teams within the Middle East will accuse the UK and US of attempting to escalate battle within the area together with Israel.

“We say we have dealt with the threat to shipping in the Red Sea, and that is correct. But that does not mean other people will believe us and will not have their own narrative. The Houthis will certainly link it to Israel and what’s happening in Gaza,” he informed Sky News.

Mr Burt stated it was “quite separate issue in my mind”, however he added: “So quite separately, the UK and US should now make very clear to Israel that its ground offensive in Gaza has got to come to an end.”

Jane Dalton12 January 2024 20:00


US don’t anticipate a excessive variety of casualties

A senior US navy spokesperson has stated they don’t anticipate a excessive variety of casualties provided that missile launchers have been positioned in rural areas.

The UK and the US hit just below 30 areas in Yemen, and predict Houthi rebels to make some try and retaliate.

Holly Evans12 January 2024 19:48


Analysis: What occurs if the Houthis combat again?

A pessimistic chance is that the struggle within the Red Sea and for Yemen – a pitifully poor, damaged nation – now escalates, unpredictably, right into a proxy struggle between the West and Israel versus Iran and its allies, writes Sean O’Grady:

What occurs if the Houthi rebels combat again?

When it involves US navy strikes, the UK is used to being a loyal, junior helper – however after final evening’s co-ordinated motion towards Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen, London ought to be asking Washington: what’s the plan… and the way can we get out of this one?

Jane Dalton12 January 2024 19:30