The city of Grindavík on the Reykjanes Peninsula Island have to be evacuated once more because of the danger of a volcanic eruption. All individuals ought to go away Grindavík by Monday night, from then on staying there will likely be prohibited, the authorities answerable for the city of 4,000 residents wrote in an order. After the earthquakes in November, the place continues to be categorized as harmful and there’s an elevated danger of eruptions, the civil safety authority stated based mostly on a danger evaluation by the nationwide climate workplace.

It was a couple of days in the past in December Christmas The fourth volcanic eruption in three years occurred north of Grindavík. The eruption was anticipated – there had been a number of earthquakes within the earlier weeks, which is why the place may very well be evacuated upfront.

The earthquake prompted main injury, together with deep cracks within the streets. Most just lately, in keeping with media stories, a employee fell into one among these cracks.