Teenager killed in subway browsing accident in Brooklyn | EUROtoday

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A teen was killed whereas finishing up a harmful stunt on a New York City subway prepare.

The 14-year-old boy was driving on the skin of a southbound F prepare on the Avenue N station earlier than he fell onto the tracks and was then struck by an oncoming prepare. Authorities had been known as to the scene at round 2.20pm on Friday after commuters witnessed the tragic incident.

The sufferer was pronounced lifeless on the scene. Blood could possibly be seen beneath the elevated tracks of the Brooklyn subway station.

Richard Davey, the president of New York City Transit, stated that the teenager gave the impression to be collaborating in a stunt referred to as “subway surfing,” which includes leaping on prime of prepare vehicles. Friday’s fatality is the most recent to be related to the harmful stunt.

“Our thoughts are with the teenager’s family. Subway surfing kills. Another innocent life has been lost, and it should not happen,” Mr Davey stated in an announcement. “

Last year, five teenagers died in similar circumstances — with four deaths resulting from subway surfing recorded in the four years before, according to The Washington Post. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) released data that suggested incidents of passengers riding outside of subway cars had increased by 366 per cent since 2021.

Mr Davis said that the NYPD has stationed special after-school patrols along sections of subway lines that have become hot spots for subway surfers. Since September, an average of 11 people have been stopped from subway surfing every month.

“There are announcements — recorded by students — digital signs, and police officers in subway stations, and messaging in schools to deter it,” Mr Davey added in his assertion. “Again, it pains me, but I implore parents to talk with their children and teachers to speak with their students – riding on top of subway trains is reckless, dumb, and the consequences can be lethal.”