“Endorsing the concerns and recommendations of the National Rally has only strengthened it over time” | EUROtoday

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Dfor the reason that “bolt of thunder” of April 21, 2002 [qualification de Jean-Marie Le Pen pour le second tour de l’élection présidentielle], our political life appears to be structured round a actuality that absorbs every part: the risk, extra constant every single day, of seeing the acute proper come to energy. To the purpose that the nagging query, since 2017 not less than – “Can Marine Le Pen win? » –, is gradually being replaced by another for 2027 : “Can she still lose? »

Dinners in town or family meals only buzz with this, even adding a guiltyly resigned question: “Would such a victory be so terrible? » To reassure ourselves, the cases of Trump or Meloni are sometimes cited: after all, the United States and Italy accommodated them with limited damage – a dubious argument, forgetting that the French president has much broader powers. than its foreign counterparts and that France, unlike its transalpine neighbor, sits on the UN Security Council.

How did we get here ? To try to contain the rising wave of the National Front (FN) – which became the National Rally (RN) in 2018 – for more than thirty years now, our leaders have used two strategies, one political, the other electoral, including, gentle euphemism, the effectiveness will not have been obvious.

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To respond politically to the far right, a logic of results was first favored: since the FN prospered on a soil of economic and social crisis, the conviction spread that it was enough to reduce unemployment to see, at the same time, the decline of the extreme right. Unfortunately, we have known since Lionel Jospin and we have confirmation with Emmanuel Macron that this is not the case.

An illusory posture

Despite the strong improvements on the employment front between 1997 and 2002, then between 2016 and 2023, these periods were marked by the continued progression of the FN/RN. The posture of impatience still adopted during his wishes by the President of the Republic, eager for more marked and faster results, has, consequently, something illusory: what is absolutely necessary cannot be considered sufficient here. .

In addition to this logic of results, a logic of triangulation has largely imposed itself, leading to preempting the themes of the extreme right in order, allegedly, not to give it a monopoly. First credited with having known how to “ask the right questions”, the latter lastly noticed solutions adopted that had been nearer and nearer to her personal. Chemically pure illustration with the migration query – dangerously confused with the identification query and the safety query – saturating the general public debate, on the fee of a regulation handed on common each eighteen months for forty years, all the time within the path of a hardening.

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