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Rishi Sunak mentioned the Government would “not hesitate” to guard safety within the Red Sea within the wake of joint air strikes with the US towards Houthi insurgent targets final week.

The Prime Minister, talking on a go to to Essex this morning, mentioned the strikes have been a “last resort” after warnings weren’t heeded.

He mentioned: “Our aim is to de-escalate tensions in the region and actually restore stability back to the area.

“We faced an escalating series of attacks from the Houthis on commercial shipping, including an attack on a Royal Navy warship. That’s unacceptable.

“It’s right that we took proportionate, targeted action against military targets to send a strong message that that behaviour is unacceptable.

“It was a last resort, it came after the end of exhaustive diplomatic activity including a UN Security Council. Now, I think it is incumbent on the Houthis to recognise the international condemnation for what they are doing and desist. But we, of course, will not hesitate to protect our security where required.”