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Emmanuel Macron had organized to fulfill the French in January, with out offering additional info. This Tuesday, January 16, the Head of State speaks from the Élysée. This “meeting with the Nation” takes place in a selected context, which has simply appointed a brand new Prime Minister within the individual of Gabriel Attal and after a 12 months 2023 marked by pension reform and the immigration legislation, adopted by drive.

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“After six and a half years of action in the service of the French […] we have, collectively, sought to follow a clear line to free energies, protect the French, unite the nation,” started Emmanuel Macron.

A younger authorities for “action and efficiency”

Emmanuel Macron first wished to justify the reshuffle. “It is to face these challenges and at this very precise moment of the mandate entrusted to me by the French, that I wanted to appoint a new government,” he defined. “Why this government, the tightest and the youngest in the history of the Fifth Republic? Because this time of crisis that I am quickly describing presupposes above all audacity, action and efficiency. In the months and years to come, the fate of the next generations will be decided. That’s the whole point. This is our whole challenge. »

Regulating screens for young people

The Head of State says he regrets screens which “too often confine”. He promised to “determine their proper use.” “Each generation of French people must learn what The Republic means, a history, duties, rights, a language, an imagination, the deep sense of respect and commitment, and this from childhood, by strengthening support and the demands placed on parents, also by regaining control of our screens which too often confine where they should liberate. »

“Based on the recommendations of experts met last week, we will determine the proper use of screens in the family,” he stated.

College diplomas highlighted

Emmanuel Macron desires to arrange faculty certificates award ceremonies this 12 months, so as to promote the diplomas obtained in school. Another novelty that the President of the Republic needs to place into apply this 12 months: civic schooling, which might be “refounded with, in support, the founding texts of the nation”.

Emmanuel Macron additionally goals to make theater courses obligatory in center and highschool. “I hope that theater will become a compulsory part of middle school from the next school year because it gives you confidence. This teaches orality, contact with great texts. And because France is also a history, a heritage that is transmitted and unites. » He also announced that art history “will find its place at the start of the next school year in middle and high school”.

Also an experiment with the uniform or distinctive outfit at college might be launched in round 100 voluntary institutions. If profitable, Emmanuel Macron hopes for its generalization from 2026. “The unique outfit which has given rise to so many debates in recent months in our country and which erases inequalities between families at the same time as it creates the conditions for respect , will be tested this year in around a hundred establishments, all voluntary,” he defined.

Strengthen safety

The second main problem addressed by Emmanuel Macron is safety. “Having a stronger France also means ensuring order by better controlling our borders thanks to the texts that we were able to vote in France, like those we voted for at the European level and also the continuation of what we have strengthened in recent years by fighting against incivility,” he stated.

He introduced the doubling of the police presence on the streets. “This is the heart of the strategy announced a few years ago in Roubaix by jobs and the reforms carried out. [Nous devons aussi lutter] against drugs which, in recent years, has been deployed not only in large cities, but also in medium-sized towns which were less familiar with it. Sometimes even in villages.”

A coverage for development

Emmanuel Macron additionally desires to speed up educational, scientific, technological, industrial and agricultural rearmament “thanks to the recovery plan and the France 2030 program”. “The pandemic has shown that for many essential goods, medicines for example, we too often depend on abroad and the technological solutions of tomorrow, in particular for green growth or digital technology, to be produced in other countries. continents than ours,” defined the Head of State.

A brand new parental go away

Emmanuel Macron introduced a brand new “birth leave”. “Better paid” go away which is able to enable each dad and mom to be with their kids for six months. He desires shorter go away than the present parental go away “which can sometimes go up to three years and which keeps many women away from the job market, but which also creates a lot of anxiety because it is extremely little and poorly paid and therefore creates sometimes impossible situations. »

An effort for purchasing power

“I believe in this France of work and merit. It is this France that holds the country,” assured Emmanuel Macron. Thus, to keep away from a “lack of workers”, the President of the Republic needs to “train more according to the needs of the Nation” by encouraging the creation and resumption of employment with, “from next spring, an Act II of the labor market reform launched in 2017”. “If France had the activity and employment rate of Germany, there would be no public finance problems,” he additionally specified.

He indicated that he was putting in measures to “earn a better living through work”. Because if France is “the country where the purchasing power of workers has increased the most” regardless of inflation, this isn’t sufficient in response to the Head of State.

At the identical time, he claims to wish to “put an end to this France of “it’s never for me””. “There is a France of the blind spot, the France of the middle classes, all our compatriots who earn too much to be helped,” regretted Emmanuel Macron. To do that, he says he desires to see civil servants paid extra “on merit”.