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VScommencement ceremony, uniform, Marseillaise in Primary School, theater classes, strengthening of civic schooling… During his press convention, Emmanuel Macron considerably donned the garments of Jules Ferry and people of a minister of Education to open a significant venture and reform the college. It’s his precedence. With one concept: “civic rearmament”. Emmanuel Macron has marked his territory: schooling belongs greater than ever to the president’s area, like protection and diplomacy. Gabriel Attal and Amélie Oudéa-Castéra have a transparent and exact roadmap. They should implement his choices and his ambition. And the development web site is spectacular.

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Emmanuel thus contrasts with the uniform (he prefers to talk of a “unique outfit”). He hopes that subsequent 12 months round 100 voluntary institutions will check the implementation of this in main, center and excessive faculties however not in nursery (“He speaks. It is then up to the experts to work to know if it has an impact, positive or negative, on teaching and school life). This is a project that Gabriel Attal mentioned a few weeks ago when he was still in charge of National Education.

READ ALSO Press conference by Emmanuel Macron: criticism from the right and the leftIt is above all a subject that Brigitte Macron addressed at the start of the school year in September 2022, triggering a huge controversy. In the Parisian, the first lady explained that she had “wore the uniform as a student: fifteen years of navy blue skirt, navy blue sweater. And I experienced it well,” she explained, justifying this idea as follows: “It erases the differences, we save time – it’s time-consuming to choose how to dress in the morning – and money , in relation to brands. » His majority was then hardly enthusiastic about the idea coming from the Elysée and Pap N’Diaye, then Minister of Education, had buried it while the National Rally was preparing to table a bill in this sense.

“Appropriate the additional soul that makes a rustic”

Emmanuel Macron additionally asks institutions to prepare commencement ceremonies, significantly the school certificates. “The symbols have meaning: a diploma is an emancipation, it is the realization of an effort. And as such, it must be saluted and allow the young person and their family to rejoice as well as their teachers. » He does not hesitate to do a pirouette: “And then, young people love this kind of ceremonies in the series. I think they want it. » This is not a new idea. In 2016, a directive developed by the Cazeneuve government (under François Hollande) was even sent to all the rectorates. The text is therefore ready, all that remains is to make these ceremonies obligatory in each establishment.

Another complementary project, the Marseillaise that the President wants children to learn in Primary – it has already been an obligation since 2005, but has fallen into disuse. He also wants to double the hours of teaching in civics, “with support from the great founding texts of the nation”. Quite a logo, as a result of, he says, “belonging to a community also means appropriating the extra soul that makes a country. »

Closing the controversy over Amélie Oudéa-Castéra

Emmanuel Macron does not only highlight symbols. He is also interested in the programs and teaching content. He wants to develop theater classes, a way of developing “orality” he says, eloquence and public talking. In the identical vein, he needs to strengthen the educating of artwork historical past and restrict entry to screens (with out going into element and letting his ministers discover options) however by suggesting “the ban”.

All that is still are the lecturers themselves. After paying tribute to them at size, Emmanuel Macron desires to strengthen the coaching of lecturers, with out saying far more. He additionally desires to pay them higher. “It is with all the teachers that we will succeed in changing things,” he says.

READ ALSO Emmanuel Macron to the help of Amélie Oudéa-Castéra after her feedback on lecturersThe President of the Republic additionally tried to finish the controversy triggered by the declarations of Amélie Oudéa-Castéra on absenteeism. “I am a child of two schools, the secular and the private. There is no conflict to be had. We don’t judge people on their individual choices… We must have a public school and a private school under contract with the same requirements. The controversies of the moment must not make us abandon our objective: the success of our children,” he assured, explaining that his minister had made a “blunder” and, like a smart outdated man arguing that he himself had carried out so at first, that his minister had been proper to apologize. “I am a child of both schools, as the great authors say,” he mentioned with an enormous smile… A reference to a well-known track by… Michel Sardou relationship from 1984, taking sides in favor of free education . Not certain this is sufficient to put out the fireplace.