Horror second boy’s face is ‘ripped off’ by canine in pub assault | UK | News | EUROtoday

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Shocking CCTV footage has proven the second a canine lept up and “ripped off” a five-year-old’s face throughout a horror assault in a pub. Kaelan-Joel Rockey had run into the White Hart pub in Stoke-On-Trent forward of his mom and grandparents on Christmas Eve, the place he discovered the German Sheppard roaming round and commenced to pet it earlier than it then lept up and bit him on the face.

Kaelan was then taken to Royal Stoke University Hospital with a number of cuts on his face and neck, the place he underwent surgical procedure spending Christmas Day and Boxing Day in hospital.

His mum Charlene Rockey was so horrified by his accidents that she determined to launch the footage to point out the horror of the incident.

Ms Rockey, 35, is now calling for the canine to be put to sleep with a man set to be interviewed by police on January 20 in reference to the incident.

She advised StokeOnTrentDwell: “My son went into the pub just before me. He went round the bar and stroked this dog.

“But as he walked away the dog attacked him. I heard him scream. I’ve never heard anything like it. I’ll never forget it.

“I ran round and I didn’t even know he’d been bitten by a dog. I just picked him up and I could see he had lacerations to his neck. I’ve then seen all his face had been ripped off. There was so much blood.

“There was a lot of blood coming out of his mouth and throat. I never saw the dog, someone just told me he was bit by one. He was screaming his little heart out.

“The ambulance arrived and they said they needed to bluelight him straight to the trauma nurses. Because of the blood coming out of his mouth they thought the dog had got his throat.

“From the CCTV you can clearly see Kaelen does nothing wrong, he pets him and walks away then pets him again and the dog has him. There are no warning signs whatsoever that he doesn’t want to be petted, it’s like he’s a little doll, it doesn’t look real. It’s lucky the dog let go.”

Ms Rockey said officers visited her son in hospital following the attack, but says she has not heard from them since and understands the dog and owner are going about life as normal.

She added: “I’m fuming. It’s been three weeks and they’ve taken no statements from anyone. It’s disgusting. You can clearly see the dog aimed to kill. If he hadn’t caught my son side on, it would haven’t been a different story.

“There’s been no arrest. The police watched the CCTV then they came to see me at the hospital. I was too distraught to speak to them. That was the last I heard from them.

“I’ve rang numerous times. Pretty much every day but I’m just told someone will be in touch. I feel like I’m knocking on doors and getting nothing. My child was in hospital for two days, completely out of it and the owner was still out, drinking and enjoying Christmas.

“My son is having night terrors. In the daytime he’s fine, he just asks why the dog bit him, he’s more curious, but when he’s asleep it’s a different story. I haven’t coped well. I’m still just running on adrenaline.

“The state this dog put my son in, he’d do it again. The dog should have been seized that night. If I had a dog and it did that I’d put it down. I would never want it to attack another child.”

The White Hart closed after the assault on December 24 and declined to touch upon the incident.