López Miras follows within the footsteps of Moreno Bonilla and indicators the peace of the Mar Menor with the Government | EUROtoday

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The Government of the Region of Murcia and the Ministry of Transicin Ecological signed within the Palace of San Esteban in Murcia the ‘Peace of the Mar Menor’. This was the target that Minister Teresa Ribera set for herself when, final November, she managed to achieve an settlement with the Andalusian Government for the safety and restoration of Doana. He then insisted that this “road map” that he agreed with Moreno Bonilla It will likely be much like the one proposed to Lopez Miras for the Mar Menor.

The first step has been settlement for the creation of a Interadministrative Commission, with the presence of the Government, the autonomous group and the city councils with powers within the space of ​​​​the salt lagoon, to “routinely share” all of the “new decisions” aimed on the restoration of this pure area, “without changing the powers of any of the administrations,” Ribera identified. It is a “staging” of the events burying the hatchet after years of mutual accusations “and show the willingness to work together to solve problems,” stated the third vp of the Government.

“We came from positions that were not necessarily easy when it came to finding a space of common understanding, but today we have a shared roadmap in its main lines. This agreement allows us to normalize the coordination relationship between the administrations, he assured.

This commission, which will be renewed every four years, was foreseen in the Murcia law for the Protection of the Mar Menor, approved in 2020 and whose delay López Miras attributes to the pandemic. In fact, Vox, its Government partner, is already preparing a modification that it intends to take to the Government Council.

The need for coordination complicated the implementation of strategies to achieve a “wholesome and robust Mar Menor”, as the regional president ventured, which will be born from the actions of his government, which is going to invest 115 million euros in 2024, and Priority Action Plan which the Ministry approved in November 2021, which is endowed with 484 million euros and which includes the “mandatory declaration of Environmental Interest” of the lagoon and ten lines to tackle the problem of pollution at source, acting on pollution sources that require specific intervention. For Ribera, the results of these measures “are starting to be seen” and he gives as an example the disconnection of more than 9,000 hectares of illegal irrigation in the surroundings of the Mar Menor.

Signature of the agreement.

Signature of the agreement.Marcial GuillnEFE

sustainable agriculture

At this point is where free It becomes a reference by encouraging the abandonment of irrigation. The Board and the Government will invest 1,400 million euros for the renaturalizacin of the lands of the natural park, incentivizing farmers who choose to abandon it with 10,000 euros per hectare, 2,500 euros for those who choose to grow dryland products and 1,000 for those who transform their production into organic ones.

The department led by Ribera estimates that 3,580 tons of nitrates and 19.7 tons of phosphates are dumped into the Mar Menor each year from agricultural and livestock activities, as well as former mining, urban planning and tourism. “We want to maneuver in the direction of a extra sustainable agriculture, wealthy immediately, wealthy tomorrow and the day after tomorrow throughout the limits and anticipating the difficulties that will come up from the evolution of our local weather system or from the circumstances and calls for of residents,” Ribera clarified.

Vox, with the real estate promotion

If López Miras reached out, his vice president and leader of Vox did not, Jos Angel Antelowho described Minister Rivera, better known as “the minister of ‘transition to the dry land’, as a result of that’s what she seeks for the complete japanese a part of Spain” and regretted that her visit demonstrates that “the regulation permitted 4 years in the past has not served to nothing”.

“We are already engaged on the draft of the modification of the Law of the Mar Menor, a regulation that has not served to handle and that has particularly criminalized our countryside. The first concerned with caring for our Mar Menor are our farmers, our countryside. “They are our promoters,” stated the vp.

“We are going to defend our farmers so that the Region of Murcia continues to be the orchard of Europe and we are going to promote real estate development, so that economic activity is carried out throughout the surroundings of the Mar Menor, he assured.