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Two fully reverse visions of the world have contrasted in Davos in the identical room with a couple of minutes of interval. On the one hand, the Argentine Javier Milei, who went as far as to say that the world is on the trail to socialism and that market failures don’t exist and the one most cancers of the economic system is the State, regulation and taxes. And alternatively, the Spanish Pedro Sánchez, who spoke proper after to say the other, to sentence the neoliberal ideology, to vindicate the social democratic ideology and above all to demand that businessmen who could also be tempted by speeches like Milei’s keep in mind their social obligation, to get entangled within the protection of democracy to cease the extremely wave that threatens the world in a 12 months with 74 totally different elections across the planet, particularly these within the US and Europe. Sánchez was very clear when addressing the businesses, in a room the place executives predominate, together with some from the Ibex 35 who had been within the entrance row. “Help us to raise the purchasing power of workers, to stop the climate emergency, to vindicate international standards and to defend democracy and fight against the involution represented by the reactionary wave sweeping the world. In short: help us give people a better life,” he assured.

“Let us not swallow the old neoliberal postulates that present the State as a purely extractive entity that does not generate value. Or who claim that the only responsibility of companies is to increase the profits of their shareholders. These ideas have been proven wrong by science and experience. You know it. You know that companies need governments to innovate and grow. And if companies do not work together, if they do not align their interests with those of society as a whole, we will not be able to overcome the great challenges of our time. And this will have an impact on your companies,” Sánchez instructed the businessmen exactly in Davos, which for every week turns into the center of capitalism the place crucial corporations on the planet come. Exactly the other of what Milei mentioned, who inspired businessmen to not be ashamed of turning into wealthy, known as them “heroes” and known as them to battle “against the political caste,” towards “international organizations dominated by neo-Marxist ideas.” ” and towards the states.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, during his speech at the World Economic Forum, in Davos (Switzerland).
The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, throughout his speech on the World Economic Forum, in Davos (Switzerland).

On the opposite, Sánchez invited collaboration between states and firms and to not be carried away by neoliberal concepts that see them as enemies. “We must work together to build new prosperity. A new virtuous triangle formed by the private sector, the State and civil society that allows us to guarantee economic prosperity, increase well-being and equality and ensure environmental sustainability for everyone and around the world,” he mentioned.

“We have learned from our own experience that there is a virtuous circle between growth and redistribution of growth. That the best way to grow, and the most resilient, is to ensure that the benefits of growth reach the entire population, especially the most vulnerable. “Spain is a paradise for companies that want to get rich by generating real value and paying the taxes that correspond to them,” he continued. But above all, he mentioned the thought of ​​the invisible hand of the market, exactly what Milei claimed, who went as far as to say that “market failure as such does not exist.”

“Today, Spaniards know that neoliberal policies do not work. That the option of reducing the size of the public sector and leaving citizens and small businesses alone when problems arise does not make sense. And that, when we collaborate and are together, we are stronger,” Sánchez insisted to finish with a clear defense of the workers also against the dangers of artificial intelligence, which according to the president must be controlled: “Those of us who learned not to believe in the invisible hand of the market, we cannot now profess blind faith in the invisible hand of Artificial Intelligence. Invisibility is usually sought to do evil, not good. I only trust the hands of flesh and blood. Those who raise the shutters of a business every morning. The ones who hold a book at school, make dinner at night for their family, or cast a vote in the ballot box. I care about those hands, real and visible.”

“We must pay more attention to the concerns of our workers, our young and our old, and less attention to the empty promises of some Silicon Valley gurus, who are more interested in gaining followers or climbing the Forbes millionaires list than in the true progress of humanity,” he launched. Sánchez insists that he’s a defender of innovation, and in reality nowadays he has met exactly with a few of these high managers of expertise corporations, a few of them with headquarters in Silicon Valley, to hunt investments in Spain. But he believes that synthetic intelligence should be managed in order that it doesn’t hurt the pursuits of staff, erode democracy and make manner for faux information.

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