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«Proud to pay»: over 250 billionaires and millionaires are calling on governments to introduce or elevate taxes on wealth. They achieve this with an open letter, launched on the event of the World Economic Forum in Davos, which opened on Monday 15 January with the Oxfam report on international inequalities, which have elevated dramatically since 2020.

«Our request is easy: we ask you to tax us, the richest in society. This – we learn within the letter – is not going to radically alter our way of life, it is not going to impoverish our kids and it’ll not harm the financial progress of our nations. But it’s going to rework excessive and unproductive non-public wealth into an funding in our shared democratic future.”

Beautiful taxes?

The letter is available on the website, where the collection of signatures is still open. The signatories, coming from 17 countries, include the Disney heir Abigail Disney, Brian Coxwho played billionaire Logan Roy in Succession, the actor and screenwriter Simon Pegg e Valerie Rockefellerheir to the American dynasty.

«Taxes are beautiful, a very civilized way of contributing to indispensable services such as health and school”, stated the then Minister of Economy Tommaso Padoa Schioppa in 2007. The signatories of Proud to pay extra they appear to suppose the identical approach. «Inequality has reached a tipping level, and its value to financial, social and ecological stability is extreme and rising day by day. In quick, we should act now », she reads within the letter.

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«Threat to democracy»

A current survey of the super-rich performed by Survation on behalf of the group Patriotic Millionaires exhibits that 74% favor a rise in wealth taxes to assist deal with the price of dwelling disaster and enhance public companies. The survey interviewed greater than 2,300 individuals within the high 5% of the world’s inhabitants with greater than $1 million in investable property, excluding houses.