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A brutal row ensued after a Remainer complained that new blue passports, introduced in post-Brexit, had been made in a number of totally different international locations.

Brexiteers shot again that they’d by no means claimed the UK would by no means commerce with the EU, or use their companies, if we left the bloc. They argued that as an alternative, that is precisely what they mentioned would occur.

However, different social media customers claimed the passports have been imagined to be a logo of Brexit and British independence – making the actual fact they have been made elsewhere “ironic”.

Sharing a picture of his new doc on X, person Rhodri Lewis mentioned: “My first non-EU passport. In a strangely beautiful illustration of Brexit’s absurdity, it was printed in Poland by a French company, and delivered to me by a German logistics firm.”

But Aaron Bastani, co-founder of left-wing media web site Novara Media, responded: “This underscores that Britain can still enjoy access to European supply chains without being in the EU.

“Which is exactly what Brexiteers said. This tweet doesn’t make any sense.”

Christopher Snowden, Head of Lifestyle Economics on the IEA added: “This has naturally got thousands of retweets from people who, like its author, never understood the reasons for leaving the EU and wrongly believed it would lead to an end to UK-EU trade.”

Another person added their weight to the pile-on, saying: “‘Strangely beautiful illustration of Brexit’s absurdity’. Oh dear Rodders, let me correct that for you …

“‘Perfect illustration of Brexit’s brilliance, the power to proceed to commerce and conduct enterprise all through Europe and globally with out paying the venal and corrupt EU billions to take action'”.

However, others argued the passport had been often touted as symbolic of Brexit and the UK’s newfound freedom, making it “ironic” that the document had been put together elsewhere.

“He’s not speaking about commerce,” One said. “The blue passport was imagined to be this massive image of our sovereignty, free from the ‘shackles’ of the EU. And it is made in Poland. You have to understand the irony.”

When the primary blue passports have been issued in March 2020, then-Home Secretary Priti Patel spoke of her pleasure that “the British passport will once again be entwined with our national identity.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson had beforehand praised the color change as a “wonderful thing” and complained about his “sense of personal loss and outrage” when the UK’s earlier blue passports have been “taken away” in 1988.

“What a way to symbolise renewed national spirit,” marketing campaign group Leave.EU mentioned on Twitter after the change was confirmed.