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Feijóo affirms that the Government stood earlier than Junts as a result of “it could not go to Europe with a text even more obscene than the current one”

The chief of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has acknowledged that the Government refused on Tuesday to incorporate the Junts amendments to the amnesty legislation, which induced its rejection within the plenary session of Congress, as a result of “he could not attend the meeting of this Wednesday with the Commissioner of Justice, Didier Reynders, with a text even more obscene” than the present one, which he already believes “does not pass the European filter.” But he believes that, now that there’s yet one more month to barter, the adjustments requested by Carles Puigdemont's get together might be integrated, as a result of the Government is “constantly humiliated by its partners, it has lost control, it is on assisted breathing.”

Interviewed on Antena 3, Feijóo has been “convinced” that the norm, in its present wording, agreed upon within the Justice Commission of Congress, “does not pass the European filter”, any query that’s raised to the Court of Justice of the EU. But it might have been even much less probably if the amendments demanded by Junts had been accepted, that each one terrorist crimes be included within the legislation and never simply essentially the most minor ones. “Bolaños could not arrive at the meeting with Reynders with an even more obscene text, because Europe is looking at what is happening in Spain and wondering if it is Hungary or the old Poland,” he mentioned, additionally satisfied that, after the approval of the opinion of the legislation, “now there is one month to accept amendments.”

He was referring, particularly, to the assaults on the judges by Sumar's spokesperson, Gerardo Pisarello, who in Tuesday's plenary session spoke of “prevaricating judges.” “A partner of the Government calls judges prevaricators, this does not happen in other countries and, where it has happened, Europe ordered it to stop,” Feijóo defined.