Clapham newest: Chemical assault suspect ‘might have been identified to police’ | EUROtoday

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Sadiq Khan has informed the BBC there have to be “proper enforcement” in opposition to those that perform chemical assaults in a brand new interview with the BBC.

The London Mayor spoke to Sarah Montague on The World at One about stopping assaults such because the one perpetrated in Clapham on Wednesday evening.

“You and I have talked in the past about the dangers of guns and knives and other offensive weapons – acid, corrosive substances are offensive weapons … the problem is many household products, detergents, paint strippers, that contain ammonia, bleach, caustic soda, can cause huge damage,” stated Mr Khan.

Asked about what extra must be completed to stop these assaults, Mr Khan replied: “You’ve got to prevent that source – those who may commit acts of criminality – make sure there’s proper enforcement against those sorts of people.

“We’ve got to make it as difficult as possible to get hold of things like acid, zombie knives, machetes and other things … at the same time, educate young people about the dangers of these things, make sure there’s enforcement.”