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EAbout half an hour after the beginning of the second and explosive half of the present hour within the Thuringian state parliament, which has to date been stressed and disturbed by heckling, it turns into fully quiet within the parliament corridor.

The left-wing politician Katharina König-Preuss speaks. Quietly, briefly sentences. She talks about her worry. About the one who guidelines in her household, amongst acquaintances. “I always thought, even if the AfD was in power: I have a German passport. That would protect me.” Now she doubts this safety.

After a gathering in Potsdam between right-wing extremists, together with AfD politicians, grew to become recognized, at which the individuals mentioned mass deportations, together with of Germans with a migration background, the left-wing politician requested herself: Who may very well be taken in a foreign country if the AfD have been to take action sooner or later Have the chance to implement your so-called remigration program?

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The concept of “remigration” popularized by the Identitarian Movement (logo on the right) is well received by some AfD politicians
„Masterplan Remigration“

Nobody disturbs, laughs or shouts anything as König-Preuss, the last speaker, goes back to her seat. AfD parliamentary group leader Björn Höcke also remains motionless. For a moment it is unrealistically quiet in the plenary session. CDU MP Stefan Schard had previously asked the AfD faction what was apparently going through the minds of some members of the state parliament: “What’s next? The banishment of unpleasant opponents?”

The motive for the talk was a request from the AfD parliamentary group to name the MPs collectively for a topical hour. The title: “Start remigration from Thuringia instead of demonizing.” According to the analysis by “Correctiv”, the AfD’s purpose: to distance itself from the Potsdam assembly in November 2023 and the mass deportations mentioned there, and to emphasise the get together’s “legal path” in migration coverage . And to reject the accusation that the AfD is actually involved with the deportation of individuals with a migration background.

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From left: AfD federal chairman Tino Chrupalla, right-wing extremist Martin Sellner, Thuringia's AfD leader Björn Höcke
„Masterplan Remigration“

The AfD is unable to achieve this in the state parliament this Wednesday afternoon. The faction faces a united front from the other factions. But she still managed to win on points. The AfD once again set part of the agenda on this day; She has been given space to spread her ideas about migration policy. And she has the opportunity to sow doubts about “Correctiv’s” analysis and to sentence the “spying” of personal conferences.

On that day, the get together achieved what Green MP Madeleine Henfling summarized on the lectern: “It's about throwing expressions into the air in order to achieve normalization. This normalization process is part of the plan.” A number of months in the past, there would have been hardly any dialogue in Erfurt about “remigration” and what’s related to this time period. Now it’s a part of on a regular basis political life right here. From this viewpoint, he has already turn out to be considerably “normal”.

A key query now could be what concepts are related to this “remigration”.

Kemmerich attracts consideration to a Höcke speech

When right-wing extremists use the time period “remigration,” they often imply that giant numbers of individuals of international origin ought to go away the nation – even below duress. AfD MP Stefan Möller was the primary speaker to say: “Remigration is the solution to many problems.” Against “group rape,” for instance, “because it disproportionately comes from certain ethnic groups.” And: “Against the housing problems that arise because we have taken in too many people.”

There ought to be efficient abuse management in order that solely those that have a proper to be allowed into the nation, calls for Möller. From his viewpoint, it’s essential that the authorities are knowledgeable about instances of abuse: “I promise you: When we govern, the authorities will gain this knowledge.”

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Thuringia's AfD leader Björn Höcke

What Möller doesn't say: What the “remigration” propagated by the AfD ought to truly appear to be. Who could be affected and below what circumstances; the right way to get folks in a foreign country whose residence international locations refuse to just accept them and the place, as within the case of Syria or Afghanistan, there aren’t even respected contact individuals.

The three governing events Left, SPD and Greens don’t ask the AfD in regards to the concrete feasibility of their migration coverage views. Instead, they make a severe accusation: “It's definitely about deportations, it's about ethnic ideas,” says SPD MP Thomas Hartung.

The Green MP Henfling accuses the AfD: “Of course you don't say, 'we have deportation plans' because you know that the word deportation has relevant connotations. That’s why you talk about remigration.”

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AfD federal chairwoman Tino Chrupalla (l.) and Alice Weidel, Thuringian state leader Björn Höcke

And what’s the AfD about now? That gained't be clear this afternoon. The AfD, after all, rejects the accusation of radical options. Möller speaks of a “deportation lie” that’s meant to silence his get together: “The opportunity that remigration offers is to be reinterpreted as a Nazi deportation madness,” he says. Höcke stays silent about this within the parliamentary chamber.

However, the Thuringian AfD chief has not less than made clear elsewhere the scope of what he apparently means by “remigration”. It is the FDP MP and state chief of the Liberals, Thomas Kemmerich – who was elected Prime Minister in 2020 with AfD votes – who attracts consideration to a recording of a Höcke look on December twelfth in Gera.

The Thuringian AfD chief had stated: If you implement the legislation, you could possibly scale back the variety of migrants “by a few million”. “We will be able to live with 20 to 30 percent fewer people in Germany without any problems,” stated Höcke on the time. He is “not afraid of population decline” so long as “measures are introduced that will stabilize the population again in the long term”.

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And the AfD member of the Bundestag René Springer had originally of the yr on X (previously Twitter) said: “We will return foreigners to their homeland. Millions of instances. This will not be a secret plan. That's a promise.”

During his appearance in Gera, Höcke declared that citizenship law had to be changed. He said that people could have “only one loyalty” and therefore only one passport. “People will have to decide,” said the liberal Kemmerich in the state parliament. “You can see a threat in that.”

Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (Left) only sits down on the government bench when the current hour requested by the AfD has ended. Björn Höcke gets up and leaves the hall.

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Thuringia's Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (left, right) in Saalfeld/Saale on a tour with Mayor Steffen Kania (CDU)

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