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WHe would have thought that this yr some guys who don't even stay within the jungle camp would decide the plot a lot: first Oliver Pocher, then this Eugen, who nobody is aware of, however who’s now guaranteeing that this yr's season is in its closing phases lastly turns into a Love Island Australia offshoot. Since we stay within the 18th century, he gave his pal Mike “permission” to take Leyla into his childhood room sooner or later.

“Now the pressure is gone,” says Mike as he and Leyla go to the bathroom. The order is often the opposite method round, however within the jungle the whole lot is a bit of totally different, “do we want to go on a date” means one thing like “we’ll do night watch together, right?”

The naturalness with which Kim inserts “my shaman this, my shaman that” into conversations is, it’s a must to admit, a bit of glamorous and it sounds a lot extra charming than these individuals who as a substitute say “my lawyer” or “my dermatologist “drop. However, the question remains where you can actually do such shaman training, is it recognized by the IHK? Are they unionized? By the way, Mike even went to see the shaman, who diagnosed him with a curse. The curse is called “your taste in women” and is troublesome to interrupt.

Leyla and Kim hate the identical factor

Otherwise, somebody wasn't paying consideration, so Kim and Leyla find yourself in an evening watch collectively, each enjoying the identical outdated information, CDs or streams. Kim asks Leyla who the shaman may have been referring to in his letter, with dachshund and snake, in any case that was coated up like within the job reference, these shamans all the time! Well and so it goes on, aIn the top, the entire situation doesn't matter in any respect, as a result of it was all as a result of Leyla as soon as had an issue with somebody who regarded like Kim! Phew. Life is projection, however that additionally implies that the 2 of them reject one another as a result of they uncover a lot about themselves in one another that they don't like about themselves, however which they don't need to admit and due to this fact condemn it within the different particular person should.

And if that's getting too kitchen-psychological for you, you may simply look again at Jan Köppen's selection of shirts and notice: at this time he's carrying mice, is that an allusion to the synchronous god? And since that is the life-style division, a service word: the mouse shirt is from JW Anderson and prices $550 (however is at present offered out). In the previous few days, Jan Köppen has usually worn surprisingly elegant material, which, simply on your info, doesn't seem like that initially look.

In a dialog with Kim, Tim, alternatively, states what someway applies to all folks (and most of the time to jungle camp candidates): If she had had nicer mother and father, if somebody had actually, actually pumped her full of affection – then she wouldn't need to calling for love with their look, with their physique and in any format, begging for recognition and getting it from utterly the unsuitable issues (variety of followers, who’s sleeping with me?). Tim, who now additionally wears his shirt with the quantity on the entrance, thinks with Kim about who may win, Leyla now cute like Evelyn Burdecki or two-faced, solely the shaman is aware of.

Leyla and Mike

She nonetheless carries the bathroom paper in her different hand

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And in any other case? Fabio is a civil servant at coronary heart! He assaults the really untouchable Lucy, who ignited some spiral too early in an effort to save herself ten minutes of evening watch. But that corresponds to a full day's work in his outdated job, so it's utterly comprehensible.

In the jungle check it turns into exhausting for Mike, he’s always requested “is he in it?” Do you will have it inside?” and he hears that on a regular basis throughout sexual activity together with his small penis. Time can also be brief, the whole lot is troublesome beneath strain and it solely will get three stars.

Key details at a look:

Show-off of the day: Of course Felix. He “rocks the camp” as a result of he stares on the fireplace for ten hours straight. And doesn't see Tim within the finale as a result of he “can't open his mouth,” is faux blissful, and is a follower. Felix says in a grumpy whisper in a one-on-one blasphemy session with Leyla.

Ask your self these questions: Have they all the time executed laundry a lot and so usually? Is it actually a lot extra nice to go away sweat stains on the wood bench together with your sweaty bottoms within the warmth than to put on shorts?

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Leyla and Kim and a bottom

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Leyla also can't believe what Kim is saying

The shock of the day: Leyla can keep in mind the recipes within the treasure hunt higher than The Brain and chef and tremendous memorizer Felix. And: Leyla's grandmother's associates' final names are Rinder and Knoblauch.

Best saying from Sonja and Jan: “Everyone wants to be Evelyn Burdecki, but forgets to be like Evelyn”

Best saying in camp: “Viewers don’t like drama” (Tim). Uh – sure. “Consonants, astronauts, to me it was just a word” (Mike)

Who has to go? FELIX!

And who’s favourite? Still Lucy, regardless of her little outbursts at this time, Fabio, as a result of: after the “maybe” everyone seems to be shaken awake after which Tim.

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Kim, a woman for specific cases

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