Lorenzo Silva: “Morals today are sold and bought: it is power, manipulation of the masses and money” | EUROtoday

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Lorenzo Silva and his issues could also be of kind of curiosity, however at 57 years outdated, after 40 years of writing – and within the first 20 nobody paid any fucking consideration to me – now, in 2024, he publishes, maintain on, his 84th e-book.

Let's get our fingers out: sure, greater than two a 12 months. It won’t be stunning then that he arrives on the interview, in Getafe, the place he lives, busy and displaying two cell telephones that can find yourself ringing. He has to go house to proceed writing like a person possessed earlier than selecting up his daughter from cole. Es Silva a black of himself? Yes, that's the reality, he laughs. I rise up at half previous six, I cease working at 9 at night time….

The pen and the sword grow to be the identical factor for this carabanchelero former lawyer for Unión Fenosa -although there may be by no means a scarcity of those that suppose that he was a civil guard, like a lot of his most beloved characters-, who was not born in a army hospital, the Gómez Ulla in Madrid, for no purpose. And should you're not cautious, he'll create a column for every reply.

'The life is different factor'. What is it?
How do you pack 133 heterogeneous items, which converse the identical in regards to the fall of Kabul as they do a couple of mannequin who ordered an omelette at house and received indignant as a result of they didn't carry it? I discovered that quote from [Juan Carlos] Onetti, in Hugging time. We are all the time misplaced in unimportant issues, and we all know it.
Okay, however what a factor life is.
Well that. In confinement I rethought every little thing, and I began doing one thing that I’ve maintained: studying each night time for 20 minutes with my daughter, who’s now 11 years outdated. We learn Verne, Dumas, 'White Fang', and I noticed: what was I doing earlier than? What could possibly be higher than that, which is the perfect time of the day?
And what was he doing?
Living, like everybody else, on the contact of a bugle that you just don't play. The message they ship you, the e-mail that arrives, the fucking social community during which somebody tells you I don't know what and also you reply them unnecessarily… Artificial priorities.
The cellular phone, that drug.
I used to be fortunate that in 1981 I had a trainer who, due to the truth that there was cash at my college, purchased an Apple 2 and made us program. If you get into this from a younger age then you’ve important capability. Facebook, for instance, was an absolute monstrosity…
We talked about Facebook already prior to now.
A poorly designed factor. We are seeing what expertise is: the instruments have been means and as we speak they’re ends. They distort the lives of individuals, and likewise of establishments. They devour our time. For instance: earlier than, while you closed a checking account, you probably did it in eight minutes with the department worker. I just lately spent two and a half hours with that worker to shut one. I obtained keys, he obtained keys, on my telephone, on his pc…
Technology and cros…
We let my kids of their twenties, of which I’ve three, grow to be enthralled with expertise, we knew much less. But my eleventh-year-old is in no hurry to get near the cellular phone. I see her extra resistant.

“That the leaders of large corporations are not responsible for wearing a shirt and tie… They are plutocrats, like those of before”

Lorenzo Silva, author

Something is leaking.
I found that enjoying Animal crossing he wasted the time he gained by studying… Well, it's true that I informed him a number of occasions that the display screen shrinks the mind, and studying widens it.
And if dad says so…
Yes, however she sees it. Let's see, yesterday a senator informed [Mark] Zuckerberg that his palms are stained with blood: one thing is altering. To me, the leaders of huge companies are irresponsible as a result of they put on t-shirts and denims… They are just like the plutcrats in frock coats and ties, like these of earlier than.
Does a reader of yours have to order a room of their home to retailer your books?
Writing has been my vocation since I used to be a toddler, and I provide you with concepts, however I do know that what I do might be abusive. When somebody tells me that he has all my books it's not true…
I'm positive you don't have them both.
I do know, however there are people who find themselves 50!
Is moderation a criminal offense as we speak?
Ours is the period of fanaticism. Whoever doesn’t adhere is lynched, and whoever adheres and his faction triumphs…
A tablet.
Pilla cacho, sure. But the reality shouldn’t be fanatic, equity won’t ever lead you to shoot at daybreak somebody who doesn’t suppose such as you. In the tip, human beings are contradictory, and we’ve got to dwell with these contradictions.
Why fanaticism as we speak?
The stability has been damaged. In the world one energy declines and others emerge. In Spain we had reached an settlement, with concessions and poorly organized issues, but it surely was one thing. Now it has jumped into the air.
Because each the suitable and the left have been corrupted and deceived us. They turned politics into their company.
Reading you there’s a need for modesty. Did we present an excessive amount of as we speak?
We have crossed the border of exhibitionism. The individuals, the media, even the fictions. Look at Daesh, which had a manufacturing firm to point out its violence in essentially the most expressive manner doable.
The ethical concern is overwhelming as we speak: why is it in query the place we draw the road?
Our worth methods have fallen: spiritual and others. And morality, we already know that in the long run it’s energy, mass manipulation and cash. Morality that’s purchased out there, for which individuals and even establishments pay you. People who, with their morals, dip into the sauce of public cash.
Is a morality with out ideology doable as we speak?
It should be. You can not defend gender self-determination and have sympathy for theocracies that deny gender. Nor defend the regime of '78 and on the identical time justify Francoism. We should return to the Romans. Thanks to the legislation that they invented, we’ve got not killed one another in 2,000 years. Ulpiano already stated what’s honest: give every particular person his due, dwell actually and never hurt others.

“Catalonia wants to be Denmark, but Denmark is not in the Mediterranean, but in the North Atlantic”

Lorenzo Silva, author

Many attempt, few succeed: what do you must do to be learn as we speak?
Bufff… There is all the time a shortcut: select a hanging and well timed topic. But for me now, after a lot progress, any reader has each purpose to be fed up with me… What can I do that can curiosity somebody?
Because studying a novel, let's admit it, is a ache within the ass.
It's abusive. What do I do then: not search for that flashy and related story, however one which will likely be value it 10 years from now. That and a long-term pact with the reader: I’ve kicked this nation from high to backside. From library to library. Big and small. I’ve all the time tried to see the reader's face.
Will you’ve a vermouth with Carlos?
With what Carlos?
Ah! I’ve seen little of his movies, 'Magical lady', I didn’t enter. What these individuals say portrays him as somebody who’s abusive and who abuses his energy. This shouldn’t be distinctive both in Spanish cinema, the place there are a couple of like this, or in different areas. Then, his personal protection initiatives suspicions that he could also be susceptible to those behaviors…
Let's finish on a excessive observe: Does Spain all the time have to harm? Is there an authentic sin?
History is set by geography, and the distinction is the border of Al ndalus: the place it was little, in Catalonia, the Basque Country, Navarra, they’ve all the time declared their distinction.
Vicens Vives stated that Catalonia determined within the fifteenth century what it wished to be: irrelevant in France, or central subsequent to Castile. The independentists wish to be Denmark, however Denmark shouldn’t be within the Mediterranean. And Spain, in the long run, has been an excellent enterprise for the Catalans, even for individuals who don’t want it. I learn the disconnection legal guidelines: they have been authorized artifacts of underdeveloped societies. They have extra freedom and extra rights in Spain. Before persevering with to gouge out our eyes, he’ll arrange a desk, to see if this whole lot might be prolonged.