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In France superstitions and odd customs are a each day lifestyle says Janine Marsh as she takes you down the rabbit gap of the superstitions and bizarre beliefs of the French…

Treading in canine poo is fortunate in France

Now I have to say, being superstitious is regular in most, if not all, international locations. And loads of superstitions are the identical in France as they’re in lots of international locations – like not strolling underneath a ladder and fortunate black cats. But France additionally has some superstitions which might be very peculiar like believing it's fortunate to tread in canine poo. But it's solely fortunate when you tread in shit together with your left foot. If you tread in it together with your proper foot – not so fortunate.

There was once a store in Paris which bought “lucky dog ​​shit from Paris”. They clearly didn't observe their very own recommendation as a result of it wasn't a finest vendor and the store has now gone. Imagine somebody coming to Paris for a vacation after which taking dwelling a memento like that for his or her associates. “Here you are grandmother, I bought you a gift from Paris!” Maybe you’d wrap it up good, the French method, you already know fashionable paper, a ribbon, perhaps some glitter. And then think about the anticipation of the individual you're giving the present to, they pull the ribbon, they gently peel again the paper, they elevate out the tin and browse these phrases… after which take a look at you as when you have gone completely bonkers !

Even French individuals don't know why they are saying this often because it's not very fortunate in any respect, you’ve a large number to cope with whichever foot. It in all probability began as a joke as a result of in Paris some individuals don't clear up after their canine and one way or the other the joke turned a superstition that unfold…

See an owl and provides beginning to a child woman! What?!

One day I used to be in our native grocery store, queuing on the checkout with the standard kiss on the cheek and chit-chat occurring on the checkout, whereas all of us waited in line. This is regular in France. The checkout workers in rural French supermarkets just about know everybody that is available in and so they all the time have a catch up and a kiss over-the-counter. It wouldn't matter if a prime Hollywood star was within the queue and late for an awards ceremony. If the President popped in for a bottle of milk (which perhaps may occur as he has a second dwelling within the seaside city of Le Touquet close to the place I dwell) he'd nonetheless have to attend. It doesn't matter who’s within the queue, or how lengthy it’s, all of us have to attend for this vital social ritual.

Anyway, I used to be subsequent in line to be served and the girl in entrance of me who was pregnant stated to the woman on the counter that she had seen a “owl” (an owl) and subsequently her child was going to be a woman! Now my French is okay, although it's not good however I used to be certain that I heard that proper. So once I acquired dwelling I appeared it up and certain sufficient it's an outdated French superstition. Seeing an owl once you're pregnant tells you that you’ll be giving beginning to a feminine little one.

Halloween in France

And it will get weirder. Some French individuals say that when you sing on Halloween, it should create stormy climate! It's Halloween, and the sky is obvious and also you're singing a pleasant little music within the kitchen as you make your pumpkin pie, all joyful, feeling festive, glass of wine, perhaps a pleasant white from the Loire Valley or a deep crimson Bordeaux . You pop the pie within the oven, it's been a beautiful sunny day… after which a clap of thunder, a storm arrives – that is likely to be your fault! Literally singing up a storm! I did that!

Weird cat superstitions

One of my neighbors used to say it was dangerous luck to cross a stream carrying a cat! Actually within the outdated days they used to imagine that when you did that, somebody in your loved ones would die. Yep. That's bizarre.

If a cat sneezes close to a bride on her wedding ceremony day – nice, as a result of meaning the wedding shall be joyful!

Strange marriage superstitions

The French say “rainy marriage, happy marriage”, that means: if it rains at your wedding ceremony, you’ll have a contented life as a pair.

And once you transfer into a brand new dwelling, you don't carry your bride over the brink, you carry the eating room desk first if you wish to be fortunate! That's so French isn't it. The desk for the meals first, most vital!

Very odd enamel beliefs

Now, let's discuss concerning the tooth mouse! In some international locations once you're a child and your tooth falls out, the tooth fairy comes and leaves you some cash. But in France they’ve a tooth mouse – referred to as la petite Souris. The little mouse collects the tooth and leaves a euro!

Talking of enamel, how's this for a very actually odd French superstition. My associates who dwell a few villages alongside from mine, had a very outdated canine referred to as Bob, and he had some dangerous enamel that needed to be taken out. So they went to the vets to get it handled. When they went to gather Bob afterwards, the vet requested them in the event that they wished to maintain the rotten enamel. “Why would we want his teeth?” my associates requested. “For the moles” stated the vet and my associates stated they really questioned if the vet had had a glass or two of pastis.

But no, it seems that there was a ready listing for canine enamel because it's stated that they hold the moles away. I ponder if that's why they're referred to as molars?

Strange meals customs in France

Ok, let's speak about some foodie customs as a result of with regards to France, we can’t discuss for lengthy with out speaking about meals.

Never place a baguette (and even bread generally) the wrong way up on a desk. This superstition comes from way back days when executioners may take issues from outlets with out paying – I imply who's going to argue? Bakers would depart bread the wrong way up for them. If you allow it the wrong way up, it's stated that the individuals who have been meant to eat shall be cursed, and you’ll invite famine into your own home.

One of my favourite meals superstitions is once you go to a restaurant and there are 13 individuals in a gaggle. As you already know 13 is unfortunate – so the waiter places an egg on the desk to make it 14 and thrust back the dangerous luck!

Lucky Friday 13th in France!

Napoleon was fairly a superstitious man. He believed that Josephine, his beloved, introduced him good luck and it appears she actually performed up on it. Once when one in every of his ministers urged to her that it might be in the most effective pursuits of France to grant Napoleon a divorce as she couldn't bear him youngsters, she reported it to Napoleon and informed him she was afraid a divorce would convey dangerous luck . Napoleon, who seemingly acquired the minister to speak to her within the first place, didn't push it, at the very least for some time. It's stated that he actually believed he was guided by a fortunate star, he hated the quantity 13, and he didn't like Fridays! Which is definitely the other to the French perception, Friday 13th is meant to be fortunate! In reality it's the most effective day to purchase your lottery ticket in France.

Lucky locations to go to in France

Places could be fortunate too! Like within the the Père-Lachaise Cemetery in Paris the place among the 1000’s of graves in there are stated to convey luck… At the grave of French author Allan Kardec, an uncommon dolmen-shaped tomb referred to as essentially the most floral within the cemetery, you may make a want and by touching a sure spot on the grave, it should come true. And if it does come true, it’s important to come again and lay flowers – which is why it's essentially the most flowery grave within the cemetery.

And, close to the well-known Sorbonne college there’s a statue of Michel de Montaigne, a French thinker born in 1533. He is sitting together with his legs crossed and there’s a custom for college kids to rub his proper foot whereas saying “Salut Montaigne” and it’ll convey good luck throughout the exams!

If you go to Dijon in Burgundy, on the nook of the church of Notre Dame constructing is slightly brass owl, it's stated that when you rub the owl together with your left hand, not your proper hand, that doesn't rely, and make a want it should come true. If you stand there, you'll see a great deal of individuals come previous and rub the owl – locals and guests. I've rubbed it myself a number of instances. My want hasn't come true but, however perhaps if I purchase a ticket on Friday the thirteenth it should!

Lucky ladybirds!

The French imagine that when you see a ladybird, or ladybug, fly away – it's good luck, or it might probably imply good climate is on the best way! If the ladybird lands on you, rely the dots on its again and that's what number of joyful months you’ll have. Or you may make a want and the ladybird will take it to heaven for you. Or when you maintain it in your hand, and it doesn't attempt to fly away – it means the dangerous climate is coming! It's a really outdated superstition and goes again greater than 1000 years. King Robert the Pious (born within the yr 972) was watching a prisoner being executed and because the poor man bent over to have his head lopped off, a ladybird landed on his neck. The executioner tried to wave it away but it surely stayed. So King Robert stated it have to be an indication from God that the prisoner was in truth harmless, and he pardoned him.

How to get good luck – in keeping with the French!

If you actually need some good luck to circulate your method, what it’s important to do is discover a French sailor, wearing uniform and sporting his conventional bonnet on which is slightly crimson bobble. And then it’s important to twiddle to the bobble. I don't find out about twiddle, seems like twaddle to me!

Janine Marsh is the writer of a number of internationally best-selling books about France. Her newest e book How to be French – a celebration of the French life-style and Art of dwellingis out now – a take a look at the French lifestyle.

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Superstitions and weird beliefs of the French