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Nayib Bukele His victory was so clear that at some point earlier than the elections, loudspeakers and enormous screens had been already positioned in entrance of the National Palace to have a good time his second time period in entrance of 1000’s of followers. No one had any doubts about his overwhelming victory.which was preceded by an interpretation of its personal form of the Constitution, which prohibits his re-election in a number of articles.

After going to vote at 3:00 p.m. with a big safety machine subsequent to his spouse and his mom on Olympic Avenue, Bukele provided a press convention for worldwide media in a resort wherein he defended that that is “the first time in history that El Salvador has democracy and it's not me who says it, but the people, who say they want a regime of exception and the president's security policy”. In this sense, he identified that, in a number of hours, “we will know if they want to continue this president who already knows how he works and a Legislative Assembly with an even greater configuration than the current one in favor of what the Government is doing.”

In this manner, Bukele pressured that in El Salvador, “we are not replacing democracy, but bringing it to this country that has experienced the control of two elites that are not only incredibly corrupt, but murderous because they killed the people, divided up the country with the agreements of peace and spent 30 years training gang members with public money at shooting ranges so that they learned to shoot in the head and heart,” in reference to Farabundo Mart Front for National Liberation and the Nationalist Republican Alliance. For this purpose, he denied that El Salvador is a “dictatorship”, as, in response to what he censured, some journalists who arrive within the nation publish “and pretend that I am Hitler”, whereas “people are voting in democracy in free elections and with total transparency.” “.

On the other hand, he assured that El Salvador has shown the world that, despite being the smallest country, “harmful and hopeless America”, It has been possible to resolve the “most severe” problem that the country had, in reference to the violence unleashed by gangs. Bukele indicated that “deep down it should damage lots” that the Central American country has done so by rejecting all ideologies that make no sense and He gave Spain as an example. where “they’re struggling due to the applying of these ideologies.”

After ensuring that he does not believe a constitutional reform that includes indefinite reelection is necessary, Bukele defended that his Territorial Control Plan, launched in 2019 and the exception regime, implemented since March 27, 2022, have managed to “overcome the metastatic most cancers that was the gangs, which had managed 85% of the nation.”

The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, who aspires to re-election

Bukele shows his voting ballot this Sunday.Moises CastilloAP

To achieve this, he stated that “we did the surgical procedure, the chemotherapy and now we’re doing the radiotherapy”, so he showed his confidence that “we’re going to come out wholesome” because “we resolved what was killing us and the photograph is just not as dangerous as was anticipated, provided that we grew in GDP and now we solely must get better, so a interval of prosperity is coming.

Asked concerning the detention of harmless individuals through the emergency regime, Bukele pressured that this occurs with all police forces on this planet and cited international locations like Spain or France. However, he defended that, in El Salvador, They arrested greater than 70,000 individuals as a result of it was the “most dangerous place in the world with the greatest number of murderers” and now it has change into the “safest country in the American hemisphere.”

The day wherein greater than 6.2 million Salvadorans had been known as to the polls is well known usually, aside from some issues in constituting the elections. Vote Receiving Boards, that delayed the opening of some faculties by as much as two hours.

From 7.00, the inhabitants comes en masse to the polling stations, for which free buses had been arrange, a few of which had loud music to enliven the day.

In two cardboard bins they forged their vote for the Presidency and elect the 60 deputies of the National Assembly. Heavily armed army and police guard the voting facilities on the entrance of which, Bukele's occasion, New concepts, had arrange tents with volunteers who had been informing voters of their corresponding desk. On some events, even supporters of this occasion accompanied a voter with a incapacity to the identical desk the place they had been going to forged their vote.

Despite it being a festive day, the road markets are open and promoting caps and t-shirts with the picture of Bukele with a cap backwards and which learn “God, Union, Freedom”, in addition to 2024-2029, in reference to the It shall be his second five-year presidential time period. Maite Domnguez was one of many earliest risers to assist the Nuevas Ideas candidate: “I want this change to continue to recompose the country because when he was not there it was chaos.” Ella Dominguez assured that what she preferred most about Bukele is that she has assured safety and, due to this fact, she pressured that “it has to continue because there are still gang members.”

“Before, you couldn't be on the street at 4:00 p.m., since the gangs charged me five dollars in rent (extortion) for selling and another two dollars for entering and leaving my neighborhood,” he famous, on the identical time. who insisted that he doesn’t wish to return to the previous, however relatively it’s important to comply with the exception regime authorised by the Legislative Assembly on March 27, 2022 and is prolonged month-to-month.

Miguel Ángel Martínez expresses himself in related phrases after voting on the Teatro Presidente, positioned in San Benito, one of the vital prosperous areas of San Salvador, surrounded by skyscrapers and luxurious buildings. “I would like continuity, because the work of the current president is very well done, since he has provided security, although we need a little economic stability and also in terms of health.”

Things have modified a lot within the Central American nation that he has acknowledged that, though on the time he thought of emigrating, “that thought has already been erased and I am better off in my land.” After describing as “excellent” the distinctive regime that eliminates the rights of the inhabitants and that has resulted within the arrest of greater than 77,000 individuals accused of belonging to or collaborating with gangs, he remembers that “there is still a little lack of security and we must clean up what's left a little.”

For his half, Álvaro Sánchez Barreda signifies that he has additionally voted for Bukele, as a result of earlier than he applied the Territorial Control Plan and the Exception Regime, “if you went from one colony to another in which the same clique of the gang, they couldn't find you anymore because they killed you, buried you and they disappeared“. Meanwhile, he highlights that, presently, the Government “has deployed soldiers and police and one feels safer, whereas before you could not walk at night or visit your family.” Barreda assures that he’s not afraid of the regime. of exception as a result of “if one does not get involved in doing bad things, there is nothing to fear, while they have caught a lot of criminals and mareros“.


On the opposite, Patricia Elena warns that Bukele is a “despot” who has established a “dictatorship” in The Savior, provided that “he wants to stay for the rest of his life” as president. In this sense, he believes that his resolution to take the army and police out to the streets is as a result of he’s “afraid” of dropping energy and “not being re-elected in perpetuity”, so, in his opinion, it’s a “false security because if the population does not have rights, what security does it have?” On the opposite hand, he considers that, within the Legislative Assembly, which has been diminished from 84 to 60 deputies at Bukele's proposal, “it cannot be of a single party, as Nuevas Ideas has wanted, which already has the three powers and that does not It's democracy.”

Patricia admits that it offers her “courage” that the president “continues in power”, bearing in mind that along with his Government individuals are “afraid to express themselves and say that they are going to vote for a different candidate.” Thus, she reveals {that a} pal of hers, who publicly advocates for one more candidate who is just not from Nuevas Ideas, “has received phone calls from the ruling party,” which is why she fears for her life.

On the opposite hand, she confesses that she is afraid that her two daughters might be detained below the exception regime, though “they are not on bad paths”, as has occurred to “many innocent people”, though she warns that, If that occurred, “oh yeah, the third world war with mom.” Finally, he wonders that, if El Salvador is such a secure nation, “why so many police and soldiers in the streets?” She solutions herself: “Bukele is a dictator and here we have no rights as human beings.”