Liz Truss’s new election recreation plan is getting again to ‘what Tories have to win’, says MP | Politics | News | EUROtoday

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A brand new motion is about to be launched by Liz Truss tomorrow, Tuesday, February 6, known as “Popular Conservativism” or “PopCon” however in keeping with supporters it’s geared toward taking the Tories again to “the formula that wins elections”.

Southport MP Damien Moore, one of many MPs behind the brand new group, spoke solely to to elucidate what the “latest kid on the block” of Tory teams is and why it will likely be completely different.

PopCon joins the well-established European Research Group (ERG) of Tory Brexiteers, the Common Sense Group, New Conservatives, Northern Research Group and Conservative Growth Group of factions on the correct pushing an agenda of change of path by the occasion management.

The launch tomorrow will characteristic former Brexit Party chief turned GB News host Nigel Farage who has flirted with a return to the Conservatives.

But past Brexit, Mr Moore believes that the brand new group is definitely bout a return to an outdated system.

Mr Moore stated: “Popular Conservatism is about getting back to things which make Conservatives popular, it’s as simple as that.

“It’s in regards to the system that makes individuals need to vote Conservative and has helped us be probably the most profitable political occasion in historical past.”

Most of the PopCon leading lights including Moore have been involved in the Conservative Growth Group, which has specifically been working on an economic strategy to grow the size of the economy. But Mr Moore said PopCon is about more than that.

He noted: “It’s about low taxes, after all, but additionally patriotism, household and defending the nation as in defence spending.

“Those are the reasons people have voted Conservative in the past and the reasons people will vote Conservative again. They are, as we say, popular.”

Mr Moore added: “So PopCon is much more than about Liz Truss although in fairness to Liz these were ideas she was trying to push in government as a minister and in the leadership contest.”

The occasion in Westminster will see a query and reply with Ms Truss in addition to speeches from main Tories together with Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg.

It comes at a time when a survey of Conservative members by the Conservative Post has revealed deep unhappiness with the occasion management and a need for a change of path.

There are fears that Tory members and voters on the whole will abandon the occasion for Reform UK.