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IHe fooled everybody together with his angelic face and his blue eyes! For fifty years, and that day in December 1973 when he mentioned he met extraterrestrials, known as Elohims, in the course of a volcano within the Massif Central, he has received over hundreds of followers all over the world. He is Claude Vorilhon, alias Raël, the prophet. With the promise of constructing an embassy to obtain the Elohim and cloning people, he raised hundreds of thousands of {dollars} for his personal pleasure. At 77 years outdated, this former journalist nonetheless lives in Japan, surrounded by two girls in his service…

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Singer parodying Brel, automotive racer and journalist for {a magazine} which went bankrupt, Claude Vorilhon all the time sought to please. When he arrived in 1974 in The Grand Chessboard, the present offered by Jacques Chancel, he appears like a UFO. He assures a skeptical and mocking viewers that he did certainly encounter Elohim whereas he was strolling. They gave him a message: God doesn’t exist as a result of people are creatures created by extraterrestrials. They need to come to Earth to fulfill them, however they need to put together below the orders of Claude Vorilhon, who has change into their prophet.

Our mates the Elohims

From the beginning, the Raelian motion reeked of an enormous hoax. Its image, which Raël wears on a pendant round his neck, is a swastika juxtaposed with the Star of David. The Nazis and the Jews united: what's the deal? Raël is an influencer earlier than his time: because of his appearances on tv within the Seventies, a decade when many individuals declare to have seen UFOs, followers come from the 4 corners of France. We cheer him. We snatch our ebook The Book that Tells the Truth, proof of an urge for food for the “extraordinary”. We run in summer season to Eden, an enormous property with a swimming pool situated within the Tarn the place it’s advisable to get bare and “look at your anus in a mirror”.

Of course, every member should pay a share of their wage to finance the motion and permit the development of an embassy to welcome the Elohims. In 1975, Rael even claimed to have boarded a flying saucer to the planet of extraterrestrials, the place he dined with different prophets, equivalent to Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed. He assures him with confidence: “I am the brother of Jesus. »

The Eve hoax

In four episodes, the Netflix documentary miniseries, Rael, the prophet of extraterrestrials, traces the entire history of the Raelian movement from 1974 to the present day. The investigation carried out and produced by Antoine Baldassari and Alexandre Ifi is meticulous and sends chills down your spine. She neglects neither the benefits of good-natured community life, nor the hidden face of Raël and his movement. One of the craziest passages is the one which traces the day when Raël and chemistry doctor Brigitte Boisselier assured the media around the world that they had cloned a human for the first time.

In 2002, she claimed that the Raëlian society Clonaid cloned a little girl named Eve on the same principles as the goat Dolly. The impact was such that Raël and Brigitte Boisselier were heard before the American Congress, which was considering banning human cloning. Stunning! The movement will never provide proof of the existence of Eve. This enormous hoax will undoubtedly be the peak of the movement, which would have managed to raise 600 million dollars via Clonaid.

Sexual submission

More serious, the movement accumulates accusations of sexual assault and even of promoting relationships with children, as Christophe Dechavanne shows in his show Heaven, my Tuesday ! We follow the setbacks of the Raëlians in France and then in Quebec, where an investigative journalist reveals the scabrous practices of Raël surrounded by his “angels”, younger women devoted to his sexual pleasure.

The guru leads the excessive life. He travels by non-public jet and enjoys the luxurious of doing automotive races financed by his followers. “I am the fastest religious leader on the planet,” Raël joked at some point. Today, many members of the motion, categorised as a sect since 1995 by a parliamentary report, are now not laughing. They wasted their lives believing a manipulative weirdo.

Rael, the prophet of extraterrestrials, out there February 7 on Netflix.