South Africa’s secret rewilding venture that would save the white rhino | EUROtoday

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Some 12,000 rhinos are estimated to have been killed up to now decade.

Four-fifths of these remaining are in South Africa, with smaller populations in Kenya, Uganda, Namibia, Zambia, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

African Parks estimates that to safe the way forward for the species, it must construct someplace between seven and 20 self-sustaining populations throughout your entire continent.

The farm’s rhinos will likely be used to both prime up and reinforce current populations, or in some instances be used as the inspiration for complete new populations in areas the place rhinos have been worn out.

There are presently round 2,000 rhinos on the farm, however with extra being born on a regular basis, it’s hoped that as much as 3,000 of the animals will likely be put again into the wild as soon as the venture attracts to a detailed in a decade.

“It’s a really unique story in conservation in Africa today and just so much potential, so much hope,” says Jean Labuschagne, director of conservation growth at African Parks.

“I think it’s obviously enormously challenging and none of us are blind to that, but it’s an opportunity that isn’t easily going to come around again.

“This is a strategic rewilding initiative. We want to basically try and de-risk the species.”