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“U“double blow to royalty”: like its colleagues, the tabloid The Sun covers in great detail the state of health of the Sovereign and Princess of Wales. Even the center-left daily, the Guardianalthough renowned for its openly republican positions, puts on the front page the Palace press release published Wednesday January 17 in the afternoon.

In unison, the media affirm that the initiative for this total transparency operation goes to Charles III, keen to encourage his subjects to consult their doctor with a view to having their prostate examined. The initiative earned him the congratulations of all the editorialists on the theme of the considerate king. The message was received 100%. Like its competitors, the Daily Telegraph encourages its readers to screen for prostate cancer, the most common in men.

Furthermore, if few details have been revealed on the heavy operation – two weeks of hospitalization and several months of rest – undergone by the wife of Prince William, the fact of officially declaring that it is not a question of cancer is a first.

” Okay okay “

The tone of royal communication has definitely changed since the dolphin's accession to the throne on September 9, 2022. As soon as the press release was published, Buckingham Palace had positions reserved for photographers set up in front of the hospitals concerned.

Regular briefings for accredited journalists, which are then relayed by the international press, have been organized. Many see, behind this openness, the influence of the king's “dir com”, Tobyn Andreae, former deputy editorial director of the Daily Mailthe dominion's first standard day by day.

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Of sturdy structure, the queen handled herself with homeopathy. Back and knee issues pressured her to scale back her actions within the final years of her life. But the individual involved by no means mentioned the little illnesses of outdated age. Besides, she was not notably delicate to the well being issues of others and hated hospital visits.

Laconic bulletin

“Move around, there is nothing to see,” affirmed, to the purpose of annoyance, the Palace in all circumstances, hoping to silence questions from the media on the explanations, for instance, for the absence of the monarch or his household at occasions. official capabilities.

At most, the courtroom revealed, constrained and compelled, a laconic well being bulletin in probably the most critical circumstances. When the queen, aged 95, spent an evening in hospital in October 2021 for examinations linked to “her state of fatigue”, the press accepted this model actually.

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Alcoholism and smoking

At the time, the communications director of Buckingham Palace invoked the safety of medical confidentiality to which everyone seems to be entitled to place an finish to hypothesis. The spokesperson, whom the deceased had rigorously chosen, was her servant similar to the royal medical doctors, courtiers in each sense of the phrase.

This is how the repeated hospitalizations of Princess Margaret, sister of the Queen, remained a state secret till the top with a purpose to cover her rampant alcoholism and smoking. She died in 2002 following a number of strokes.

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