Jean Massiet suffers from bipolarity: “I was really at the end of my tether” | EUROtoday

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HASAfter having disappeared for greater than a month from the Twitch community, Jean Massiet, who deciphers political information 5 days every week, made his return to his weekly present Backseat Thursday 1er FEBRUARY. Asked by Release, the political streamer spoke about bipolarity, an sickness from which he suffers and which compelled him to withdraw from the screens for some time. “I was really at the end of my rope,” he mentioned.

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In this interview, the 35-year-old man first discusses the character of his sickness, which “affects more than 1% of French people”. Bipolarity is characterised by temper issues which end in phases of despair and durations of so-called “mania or hypomania”. “I have moments when I overproduce, professionally in particular, with ideas that flow, language accelerates, and my body too. And others where I will experience exactly the opposite and experience a sharp drop in mood,” defined Jean Massiet specifically.

“I had difficulty walking, speaking”

In December, the video content material creator subsequently “burned out”, in his phrases. “I was really at the end of my rope: I had trouble walking, talking,” he mentioned. According to him, his “weary” job has exhausted him: “Creating content means accepting to submit to pressure: that of the figures, of the algorithm, of the public”. Politics, the topic of his movies, doesn’t assist issues. According to him, “the public debate to which [il] participate is a space with more tensions than video games, music or cinema.

“One in two young people have reported anxiety disorders since Covid,” Jean Massiet additionally identified, for whom the administration of those psychological issues nonetheless encounters issues in France as we speak. According to him, “it’s a part of [s]”We have a responsibility to sound the alarm on the mental health of young people, so that public authorities can mobilize.”