Russia: UN rights chief denounces outlawing of ‘the international LGBT movement’ | EUROtoday

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Russia’s Supreme Court on Thursday upheld a declare by the Ministry of Justice that the so-called “international LGBT movement” was committing acts of “an extremist nature” and “inciting social and religious discord”, in violation of the nation’s legislation on countering extremism.

Any organisation designated as extremist faces quick dissolution, and its leaders might obtain as much as 10 years in jail.

‘Serious’ ramifications

The determination exposes human rights defenders and anybody standing up for the rights of LGBT individuals to being labelled as ‘extremist’, which “serious social and criminal ramifications in Russia,” mentioned Mr. Türk.

“No one should be jailed for doing human rights work or denied their human rights based on their sexual orientation or gender identity,” he added.

He urged Moscow to right away repeal legal guidelines that place improper restrictions on the work of human rights defenders or that discriminate towards LGBT individuals.

Equality and non-discrimination

“The law must uphold and defend the principles of equality and non-discrimination. The law must never be used to perpetuate inequality and discrimination,” he mentioned.

The UN rights chief additionally referred to as for reforming legal guidelines that prohibit “gender-affirming medical and administrative procedures” and people who ban so-called “LGBT propaganda”, which made it unlawful to debate LGBT points in Russia.

He additionally expressed ongoing concern over the huge use of the “extremist” label extra usually to prosecute all these perceived as opponents, together with politicians, journalists, and human rights defenders.