Marlaska leaves Saturday's tractor drive in Ferraz on maintain and affirms that he’s not anxious | EUROtoday

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The minister of Interior Fernando Grande-Marlaska is calm earlier than the revolt of farmers and ranchers which, since final Wednesday, has collapsed Spanish roads. The minister said in an interview with The Hour of 1 to not be “worried” as a result of residents, he insisted, “have the right to demonstrate.” Of course, he has identified that “the rest of society also has the right to live in peace.” In this sense, has censored the escrache that the president of Navarra sufferedMara Chivite, in her dwelling by the protesters.

“For me that is a illegitimate exercise of law“, declared Grande-Marlaska, condemning the occasions that occurred this Thursday when a number of tractors surrounded Mara Chivite's home and compelled her to have to depart escorted by the Security Forces when she was going to take her youngsters to high school. The minister has proven conscious that political representatives are topic to being “scrutinized by public opinion at all times”, however “There is an environment, the family, that should never be affected“, he condemned.

Grande-Marlaska has claimed to be unaware of the collective's intentions to achieve Madrid tomorrow and take their calls for to Ferraz, headquarters of the PSOE. “We do not know of any type of communication from the Government Delegacin“, he assured. The minister has insisted that every one demonstrations have to be communicated and that in a State ruled by the rule of legislation, the proper to exhibit is permitted so long as it’s “in accordance with the law.”

“Every society in a State of Law must be aware of compliance with the law for the exercise of rights,” Grande-Marlaska warned in reference to the lots of of complaints which were imposed this week because of demonstrations that had not been communicated to the Government delegations of every autonomous group.

Regarding the upcoming trial of the Police officers who participated within the riots ensuing from 1-O, the pinnacle of the Interior has defended the actions of the brokers. “His conduct, his response and his professionalism always go hand in hand with the law,” he stated.

Regarding the request of the European Parliament for Spain to research the alleged ties of the previous president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont with Moscow, the pinnacle of the Interior has assured that these relations they don't knowthough he has identified that, in the event that they exist, these connections “where they should be stated is in the judicial bodies and the Prosecutor's Office of our country.”