Olaf Scholz in Washington: German loudspeaker in entrance of a crackling hearth | EUROtoday

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Chancellor Olaf Scholz visited US President Joe Biden within the White House. Both agree on problems with battle and peace – sadly that doesn't assist Ukraine a lot for the time being.

In the Oval Office, the workplace of the US President, there’s this previous hearth, ivory white, with refined ornaments. Before him, it was attainable to watch many instances what the state of German-American relations was like. Gerhard Schröder and George W. Bush celebrated their reconciliation right here in a pleasant method. Donald Trump relatively grimly refused to shake Angela Merkel's hand.

The crackling within the hearth

There are solely good hearth photos of Olaf Scholz and Joe Biden. Two statesmen listening fastidiously to one another. Two social democrats who like one another. That's the way it was earlier than, and that's how it’s now.

Biden welcomes Scholz, a hearth crackles within the hearth behind them. The wooden cracks so loudly which you could barely hear Biden's greeting three meters away.

Scholz is the speaker on this duo.