Punters flock to ‘least expensive pub in Britain’ the place pints value as little as £2.30 | UK | News | EUROtoday

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A pub within the West Midlands is promoting all beers, ciders and ales for £2.90 and below to encourage prospects to drink in conventional native pubs.

The old school Black Country boozer, The Waggon and Horses in Oldbury, stated it wished to ‘give again’ to locals with discount beer whereas many individuals battle throughout the price of dwelling disaster.

A pint of Stella will now set you again simply £2.80, whereas Carling, Coors and John Smiths is £2.40 and a pint of Thatcher’s Gold is £2.30. The common value of a pint within the UK is now over £4 for the primary time – at £4.30, in comparison with £2.30 in 2008, over the past recession.

Leaseholder, Matthew Porter stated: “I’ve had this pub for seven years, and it’s a proper local’s pub. It deserves to be busy every day.” He added, “There are multi-million pound companies either side of us who are putting their prices up, and we’re putting ours down to say ‘come and drink with us’.”

“In this day and age you have to think a bit outside of the box. We just looked at how low we could cut our prices while managing to survive.”

“As long as we pack the place out all day, every day, we should be able to pay the bills and people get cheap beer, so it keeps everyone happy.”

“It’s hard for people at the minute, some are struggling and aren’t going to go out and spend £40 on a Friday night anymore. But if that suddenly turns into more like a £10 night, we’re hoping people will be more inclined to come and have a drink with us.”

“We want to keep traditional pubs going. They are part of communities and are closing all over. I think the younger generations will forget how to socialise. But in order to keep our prices low, we need people to show their support.”

“We are dropping the prices for everyone, but we need them to come in and show their support for the prices to stay low.”

“We just want to give something back. The architecture inside is phenomenal. There are old-fashioned tiled floors and ceilings and a real log fire.”

One punter stated: “The pub is small, but it makes up for that with its atmosphere. It’s a great little pub and I’ll be back here a lot more now the prices are so low.”

“Credit to them. At the moment prices seem to be going up in every aspect of life so to see them come down somewhere is amazing.”

“I’ve heard of pubs slashing the price of one or two pints to lower than this but here they have slashed pretty much their entire selection, which is unheard of.”

“You get others doing £1 a pint for a certain amount of hours on one day a week – but to keep prices this low all of the time is brilliant. It has got to be the cheapest pub in the country in terms of its whole selection.”

Another added: “Aye, I think it’s great. I’ve just come back from Cardiff where I was paying £6 a pint and that was the cheapest.”

“So to come back here where the prices are so low, makes it much more affordable to go for a pint. The prices are now similar to when I first started coming 15 years ago. It’s a lovely little pub and everybody knows each other.”

“You get some new faces from time to time like away fans when the Baggies play and now we’re seeing more thanks to the cheap prices.”

“My drink is Stella which us usually pretty pricey so to get it for £2.80 is a bargain.”

“And £2.30 a Thatchers is crazy these days. But I’m chuffed this is my local and I hope it attracts more customers.”