Putin to Tucker Carlson: «Russia prepared to barter with the US on Ukraine» | EUROtoday

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«No curiosity in attacking Poland»

Asked if he may think about a state of affairs wherein he would ship Russian troops to Poland, a NATO member, Putin responded:

«Only in a single case, if Poland attacked Russia. Why? Because now we have no real interest in Poland, Latvia or wherever else. Why ought to we do that? We merely haven’t any curiosity.”

Putin spoke in Russian and his statements were dubbed into English. He began with long remarks about Russia's relations with Ukraine, Poland and other countries.

Putin spent a large portion of the interview complaining that Ukraine had been on the verge of agreeing a deal to end hostilities during the Istanbul talks in April 2022, but backed out, he said, a time that Russian troops withdrew from the vicinity of Kiev.

«Good, now let's let them think about how to reverse the situation – he said – We are not against it. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. This endless mobilization in Ukraine, the hysteria, the internal problems, sooner or later will lead to an agreement.”