The case of the 'procs' for which Anna Gabriel fled to Switzerland was archived when neither the Prosecutor nor Vox lastly accused | EUROtoday

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The Barcelona Court has archived the case through which the previous CUP deputy was attributed Anna Gabriel a criminal offense of disobedience for permitting the processing of the disconnection legal guidelines that preceded the 1-O referendum.

Although he solely confronted disqualification penalties, not jail, Gabriel fled from the Spanish Justice in 2018. He lived exiled in Switzerland till he returned in 2022 and agreed to go to the workplace of the Supreme Court decide Pablo Llarena. By then there was no capability that linked her to the High Court and her case was despatched to Catalonia. The Prosecutor's Office and Vox, which carried out the favored accusation, requested to take it to trial.

Finally, the Barcelona Court signifies that it should archive the case as a result of each Gabriel herself and the fiscal. Vox didn’t current a written accusation throughout the established interval, which led to the matter being definitively closed..

The prognosis for the case was acquittal. Gabriel was in an nearly similar state of affairs to a different former CUP deputy, Mireia Boya, who was acquitted by the TSJ of Catalonia. The acquittal was not appealed by the Prosecutor's Office or by Vox. The argument of the Superior Court, relevant to Gabriel, was that he had not personally obtained the notifications from the Constitutional Court to not course of the norm, along with not being a part of the Parliamentary Board.

When he appeared earlier than the Supreme Court “to resolve his personal situation”, Gabriel adopted within the footsteps of the previous counselor Meritxell Serret, who had already put an finish to his escape from Justice a yr earlier than. After interrogation by the Supreme Court, the previous CUP deputy was provisionally launched.