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The gaffes of the 2 presidents

Joe Biden, 81 years outdated
Attack on China
«Xi Jinping is a dictator», Biden says in November 2023, placing the dialogue between the 2 powers in danger
Iraq as a substitute of Ukraine
In June 2023, Biden says: «Putin is clearly dropping the conflict in Iraq. He is dropping the conflict at residence »
Germany or France?
In the final week Biden has confused Macron with Mitterrand, Kohl with Merkel and France with Germany

Donald Trump, 77 years outdated
Haley or Pelosi?
January 2024, Trump intends to assault Dem Pelosi however repeats the identify of Republican rival Haley
Italy makes use of a thousand-year bond
«The USA and Italy are linked by a political cultural heritage that dates again 1000’s of years, to historic Rome», October 2019
Orban president Türkiye
«I like Orban. He is a good chief. He is the president of Türkiye.” Speech in New Hampshire, October 2023

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