“Meurtried”, the French Golf Federation responds to MP Mathilde Panot | EUROtoday

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Eexchanges fueled by swings, so to talk, between Mathilde Panot and the French Golf Federation (FFG). Its president, Pascal Grizot, needed to answer the elected consultant of France Insoumise, sad with a message printed on social networks, by which she focused golfers, experiences Le Figaro.

The “bruising” publication is a put up from February 4. Mathilde Panot calls on her supporters to register on the electoral lists for the European elections, to be able to counter the “rich”, the “racists” and the “golfers”, whom she has related with out explaining why. These amalgamations displeased the sports activities federation; the president of the FFG, Pascal Grizot, calling them “gratuitous and unfounded attacks”. The message from the president of the LFI group to the National Assembly is “demagogic and unjustified”, he criticized.

“You seem to misunderstand the sociology of our sport”

He due to this fact wrote a letter to MP Insoumise for clarification. “You seem to ignore the sociology of our sport, the practice of which continues to become popular and now brings together more than 600,000 players in France, of which 446,000 are licensed with the ffgolf,” we will learn.

And added: “Golf will be as widely practiced in France in 2023 as handball, basketball and even Judo. “Friendly” disciplines which don’t appear to be topic to the identical denigration in your half. » In his missive, Pascal Grizot even suggests “organizing a meeting” between representatives of the LFI parliamentary group and the French Golf Federation, “in order to develop the understanding that you can have of our sport”, he writes.