Nayib Bukele wins the elections in El Salvador, after acquiring 2.7 million votes and the assist of eight out of ten voters | EUROtoday

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Nayib Bukele, candidate of New conceptsgained the elections final Sunday, February 4 in The Saviorafter acquiring 2.7 million votes, which represents a assist of 82.66 p.c of the voters who participated (3.2 million), in accordance with information from the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, which has already accounted for 100% of the minutes.

Bukele thus surpasses his most important rival by greater than ten occasions, Manuel 'El Chino' Floresof the Farabundo Mart National Liberation Front (FMLN), which has solely achieved 204,167 votes (6.25%), adopted by Joel Sanchezfrom the Nationalist Republican Alliance (Arena), with 177,881 (5.44%), Luis Parada, from Nuestro Tiempo, with 65,076 (1.99%), Jose Javier Renderosfrom Fuerza Solidaria, with 23,473 (0.72%) and Marina Murillo, from Fraternidad Patriota Salvadorea, with 19,293 (0.59%). Thus, the complete opposition has solely gathered 17.34% of the votes.

In this fashion, the victory of Bukele is confirmed, who will maintain the Presidency for a second five-year time period beginning subsequent June 1, even supposing a number of articles of the Constitution stop re-election, though the magistrates of the Chamber of the Constitutional Court of the Supreme Court of Justice, elected by the legislative Assembly through which their occasion has a majority, paved the best way with a brand new interpretation of the Magna Carta.

Bukele already proclaimed himself final Sunday because the winner of the elections, when solely 31 p.c of the minutes had been counted and he went as far as to guarantee that he had obtained the assist of 85 p.c of the voters, whereas Nuevas Ideas had achieved ” “at the least” 58 of the 60 deputies in the Legislative Assembly.

It should be remembered that it was only possible to count 70.25 percent of the 8,562 minutes in the presidential election and 5 percent in the legislative election. This Friday, the TSE will begin counting “poll by poll” in the case only of the elections to elect deputies, after anomalies were detected in the counting system, which has delayed the officialization of the results in both elections.

Initially, as the presiding magistrate of the TSE, Dora Esmeralda Martínez de Barahona2,547 of the 8,562 ballot boxes in the presidential election were also going to be opened, although the idea of ​​counting vote by vote was finally discarded, except for the small percentage that still needs to be counted this Friday, which will not change the final results in any way.

The TSE magistrate Noel Orellana explained this Thursday that, finally, it was not necessary to open the 30 percent of pending ballot boxes, given that the Attorney General of the Republic had copies of each of the minutes that had been transcribed manually, so It was considered “handy” not to count each ballot, taking into account that “the inhabitants is ready to know the outcomes and, for this function, got here on Sunday to precise their will.” In this sense, he insisted that the five regular magistrates and the five substitutes agreed on the convenience of “incorporating and validating these minutes which have met all the necessities.”

For its part, this Friday 300 tables will be installed, with the possibility of establishing 100 more, on the beach soccer fields near the National Stadium Jorge El Mgico González to account

each of the ballots issued in the 8,562 Vote Receiving Boards of the legislative elections.

Orellana considered that the media will play an “necessary function” to “confirm and make the inhabitants conscious of the transparency with which this course of might be dealt with.” Likewise, he recalled that all organizations that are required by law to have direct participation are invited, such as the Surveillance Board, the watchdogs of the different parties, the Attorney General's Office, the Attorney General's Office for the Defense of Human Rights. Human Rights and Attorney General of the Republic.

At the same time, he announced that an invitation will be made to the different diplomatic offices accredited in the Central American country and to some observers who have expressed their interest in participating, while he revealed that the TSE is also going to install cameras “with the intention to the inhabitants can confirm the transparency with which this occasion goes to happen”.


The magistrate was self-critical, given that “we might be unsuitable to not deny that some conditions didn’t happen throughout the provisions of those authorized frameworks.” Along these lines, he stressed that “as TSE we’re going to get up and settle for conditions that, clearly, have to be improved” in the face of the next municipal and municipal elections. Central American Parliament on March 3, in which 44 mayors and their respective Municipal Councils and 20 deputies will be elected.

“I feel there have been some failures, however these processes are advanced and complex and first world international locations have had issues with expertise,” he said, while advancing that “in some unspecified time in the future the investigation might be accomplished and they are going to be deduct duties in the event that they exist”.

However, he estimated that “this isn’t the time for that, however our most important goal is to present the inhabitants the end result they’re ready for as a result of we can’t be creating uncertainty, since they need to know who their president, vp and deputies are going to be.” Looking ahead to the March 3 elections, he promised to “work onerous in order that these conditions are usually not repeated.”

Regarding participation, in last Sunday's presidential elections it stood at 52.60 percent, after 3.2 of them voted. 6.2 million people that they had the right to do so. It represents a percentage slightly higher than 2019, when it represented 51.88 percent, which, in the opinion of the TSE magistrate, reflects a “pattern of the patriotism and dedication of Salvadorans.”


The president of the TSE, Dora Esmeralda Martínez, reported that, finally, only boxes of 30 Vote Receiving Boards were opened: eight from San Salvador, three from Sonsonate, four from Santa Ana, one from La Unión, one from La Paz and 13 of freedom. On the other hand, she stressed that “the sovereign's will has been expressed” and, in this sense, she said that “You have gained, folks, as a result of “you have made democracy”.

“We will continue to give one hundred percent of our hard work that we are doing also facing the final scrutiny that we are going to carry out for the Legislative Assembly and our commitment

“is to respect what’s present in these poll packing containers,” he stressed, while stating that “as a full physique of the collegiate physique we attest to the integrity of this election and the integrity of this vote that seems in these packing containers.” Thus, he insisted on that “the chain of custody has not been damaged,” while he stressed that “we’re dedicated to respecting what the inhabitants has mentioned there, along with the discredit of the political events which have attacked us” when “the desire of a Salvadoran folks”.