“The prefixes “re” and “dé” are the main figures of a need to duplicate the France of the previous and its linguistic parts” | EUROtoday

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Lhe political discourse is renewed and repeated. For a while now, the presidential occasion and its supporters have gave the impression to be decreasing the frequency of their anglicisms. A technique of affixes – the grammatical time period bringing collectively prefixes, suffixes and infixes, the rudders of that means – is in progress.

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The President of the Republic, throughout his lengthy press convention on January 16, used many “re-” phrases. “Rearmament” appeared 3 times; the alert ear and lexicometric evaluation additionally point out, in numerous types, eight “find”, 9 “return”, 4 “resume”, three “reinforce”…

A sure fondness for this prefix as evidenced, in 2022, by the change of identify of the presidential occasion from La République en Marche! for that of Renaissance. We can return to 2017, to this system e-book of candidate Emmanuel Macron entitled Revolution. This “re-” from the president, just like the promise of a leap for the way forward for the nation, takes its help again, “so that France remains France”, a false future, a return to the previous, sustained in a discourse of loss and disappearance. When Gabriel Attal was appointed, he claimed he might depend on him to “implement the rearmament and regeneration project”.

The pas de deux of prefixes

The Prime Minister was much more direct on January 30, throughout his normal coverage speech, by setting a course of three “de-”: “de-micardize”, “debureaucratize”, “unlock”.

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The prefix “dé-” is double. Behind this similar syllable two morphemes are found. These descend from two distinct Latin prefixes, “dis-” and “de-” respectively. The first is added to phrases to precise deprivation, negation, the other… The second expresses the reinforcement of an motion growing it, intensifying it – it provides “definition”, “duplication”, “determination”, “demonstration”… Gabriel Attal calls on the primary “de-”, a macronism extra inclined to undo than to excellent or create. These rhymes from the entrance give an look of readability to political discourse, formulate a supposedly clear, marketed supply of renewal. They generate an opacity which masks the true nature of the venture, conservative and liberal, of unraveling and regression.

Another “re-” exists, from res Latin, “thing”, which isn’t an affix, however a radical. It provides “republic” or “reality”. Another approach of speaking in regards to the public good, past postures with prefixes.

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