Feijo tries to cease criticism from left and proper: “I said and say no to the amnesty and pardons because the conditions are not met” | EUROtoday

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The chief of the PP, Alberto Nez Feijo, raised his voice this Sunday to attempt to cease the criticism he’s receiving from each his left and his proper after studying that the standard They had been finding out adopting a pardon measure for Carles Puigdemont in trade for Junts' assist within the investiture. “I said and say no to any amnesty and I said and say no to any pardon,” she acknowledged in statements to the media in Ferrolearlier than accusing “parties, especially parties of the Government”of desirous to “muddy up” the ultimate stretch of the Galician electoral marketing campaign.

Sources of Gnova have admitted that, throughout their conversations final August with Junts, the PP “studied 24 hours” the opportunity of “an amnesty” to the previous president fled from Justice, though he lastly discarded it as a result of he noticed it as “unconstitutional.”

They additionally analyzed different requests from the independentistas, corresponding to the usage of Catalan in el Congress. All had been rejected and Junts lastly gave its assist to Pedro Sánchez, who promised him, amongst different issues, a Amnesty Law which is presently being processed in Congress.

Last Thursday, Puigdemont, cornered by the investigation into the hyperlinks of Russia with the independence motion, he despatched a letter to the members of the European Parliament through which he threatened to drag the blanket and inform the content material of the August negotiations with the PP. “Everything will be known,” he warned.

The former president of the Government José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero This Sunday he accused Feijo of finishing up a “controlled blast” and anticipating what Puigdemont was going to say. Feijo says that “Snchez has used the political opportunity” and he has “stayed” together with his “principles.”

“Break equality”

“I am going to be very clear and forceful enough. I have said no, I say no and I continue to say no to any amnesty,” Feijo mentioned. “The reasons are two: it is illegal and unconstitutional and breaks the principle of equality of all Spaniards,” he burdened.

Following this, he has additionally denied “any type of pardon because not a single one of the conditions is met.” “And I said that yes, I say again that there is a judicial investigation for any alleged act of terrorism or any alleged connection between the independence movement and the regime of Putin“he acknowledged.

He added that “there are parties, especially Government parties, that want to muddy the campaign”, in a veiled allusion to the PSOE, but in addition to Vox, and recalled that “it was Sánchez who gave in to be president” of the Government. “I maintain my principles,” she insisted.

In the approaching days, the PP goes to place all of the emphasis on the Justice investigation of the independence supporters and on supporting the judges to research “to the end” all crimes round Puigdemont, “whether they are terrorism, “excessive treason, embezzlement or corruption.”

“If the independence motion needs an amnesty, it already has Sánchez to provide it to it. Not me. With me, the independence motion can not rely on any kind of amnesty, besides to combat it.”