Sean Hannity Finally Addresses Shocking Attack That Unfurled Live On His Show | EUROtoday

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Sean Hannity wrapped up Thursday’s broadcast of his widely-watched Fox News present by very briefly speaking concerning the surprising second earlier this week when — reside on the air — members of Curtis Sliwa’s Guardian Angels group attacked a person whom Sliwa wrongly recognized as a migrant and a shoplifter.

Sliwa bragged concerning the man receiving “a little pain compliance” from his comrades in his interview with Hannity from Times Square in New York City.

“His mother back in Venezuela felt the vibrations,” boasted Sliwa, a failed Republican New York City mayoral candidate. “He is sucking concrete. The cops scraped him off the asphalt. He’s on his way to jail.”

Hannity, addressing the incident two days later in simply 48 seconds, started: “Before we go tonight, I want to talk about Curtis Sliwa’s appearance on this show on Tuesday night, when members of the Guardian Angels stopped a man, and the police were called.”

Hannity continued, “Now, Curtis said that the man was a migrant and that he was shoplifting. Fox News has since spoken to the NYPD. Apparently, the statements made by Curtis that the man is a migrant is not true. And the man was given a summons for disorderly conduct.”

“Today, Curtis Sliwa acknowledged to The Washington Post that the man has not been charged with shoplifting,” Hannity added. “And Curtis said in part, ‘I shouldn’t have been listening to the crowd. That was my mistake. I should not have had that knee-jerk reaction.’”

Hannity, who often amplifies former President Donald Trump’s falsehoods on his present, then claimed that, “We always want to set the record straight.”

A New York Police Department spokesperson confirmed to The Associated Press that the person was not a migrant and was really from the Bronx. Nor was he a shoplifter.

“Officers were informed that the male had repeatedly attempted to interfere with and disrupt a live television interview,” the spokesperson instructed NBC News. The man was issued a summons for “acting in a loud, disorderly, threatening manner.”

Sliwa based the viligante group within the Nineteen Seventies. He has admitted a few of its “early crime-fighting exploits were actually faked.” On X (previously Twitter)he apologized for “miss (sic) characterizing the man’s citizenship status, misunderstanding what had caused Guardian Angels to step in” in the course of the Fox News interview.

“No Guardian Angel, a majority minority organization, would ever have provoked an attack based on who someone is or where they came from,” he claimed.

Sliwa alleged the incident really occurred when “three males provoked Angels and the film crew, with one become (sic) belligerent and emotional, aggressively pushing through the crew and the crowd.” He “ended up putting his hands” on one of many group’s feminine members, Sliwa added.

A consultant from the New York Police Department instructed The Washington Post on Thursday that the incident is underneath investigation.